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That’s a Spanking

This Is A Thing That Actually Happened: Akon needs a sex ed lesson, or at the very least, some tutoring in basic biology. Because seriously, WTF? No, really: please explain how you can rub one out, pop it into an … Continue reading

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Seen At My Local Walmart

Yes, that’s a copy of The Epoch Times , the far-right “newspaper” that spreads QAnon and anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory bullshit, kisses Trump’s ass and that’s put out by the Falun Gong cult. In the same fucking Walmart where I worked. … Continue reading

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Asshat of the Week: Idiots With Smartphones Edition

Welcome to Asshat of the Week, where I find a blithering asshat and let the entire known multiverse know that this flesh creature is, in fact, a moronic asshat. Because asshats literally have no idea that they are asshats; they … Continue reading

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