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Asshat of the Week: Unfriended Edition

Welcome to another edition of Asshat of the Week, where I find an asshat and let the entire multiverse know that this person is not a person but an asshat. Because asshats have no idea that they are asshats; asshats … Continue reading

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An Atheist Reads: The Shack – Forward through Chapter Two

What is An Atheist Reads? An Atheist Reads is where I read christian literature and apologetics, then post a review of them. It’s a hate-read with a purpose. Our subject for this edition is none other than The Shack. For those of … Continue reading

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Relief Beyond Belief

If you want to help relief efforts in the South, here are a few places you can donate: GreaterGood.org: helping both people and pets Foundation Beyond Belief Nonbelief Relief Even if it’s just a dollar, it’s a dollar that can … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 16

It’s time again for another Weekly Reader post, where I share stories with you. Got something interesting? Found a link you want to share? Let me know in the comments! Stop Wallowing In Your White Guilt And Start Doing Something … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising

“We like hurting people.” It was a sign outside a church. One that, the parishioners thought would be warm and welcoming but one that stated a cold, hard, bitter truth. “We like hurting people.” Most people would think that this … Continue reading

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So This Happened

Rosanne has been cancelled. Apparently, Rosanne went on a rather racist–and conspiracy theorist–Twitter rant. She claimed that Chelsea Clinton was married to one of George Soros’ nephews, then made a ridiculously racist comment about a former Obama aide, who just … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 3

It’s time once again for a Weekly Reader post, where I share interesting articles that I found on the internet. Got something cool to share? Drop a link in the comments! SAM HARRIS AND THE MYTH OF PERFECTLY RATIONAL THOUGHT … Continue reading

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