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All Star, No Class

While Prime and I were taking in a viewing of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the All Star Game was taking place. You can imagine how surprised we were–trust me, we weren’t–when we found out after the movie that the AL … Continue reading

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Brewing Victory

You might recall that I made a brief post from Miller Park. Another day off, another Brewers game. You know, the usual. So how did things go? Well, to start off, it didn’t look good. In the first inning, the … Continue reading

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Current Location

Oh yeah, back for another game. Full report tomorrow. #ThisIsMyCrew #Brewers #ThisIsWhatILiveFor

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Where You’re a Wiener

Taking in another Rattlers game, this one had a wiener dog race before the start. Don’t ask. The winner was named Schnitzel. We’ve got the players warming up right now, as the game doesn’t start until 19:05. Me, I’m going … Continue reading

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Letters to Sammy: Unbirthday Wishes

Dear Sammy, I “celebrated” my birthday recently. I didn’t do much, just stuck around home and rested. You see, my left knee was still pretty stiff so I didn’t want to injure it any further. On top of that, I … Continue reading

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Endless Summer Nights

Might want to leave a one star Yelp review for that. Because that is not a ringing endorsement. I managed to switch our tickets; Prime and I will be heading to the game on Monday night. Normally, I’d be all … Continue reading

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Fire and Rain

Remember, guys: do not try this indoors. Or was it at home…? I forget. Last night, we got a slight sprinkling of rain. It wasn’t a lot. At most it dampened the ground and raised the humidity. Although the skies … Continue reading

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