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Swing For the Fences

I know that I mentioned this would be posted on Monday. However, with the death of Kobe Bryant, I decided I should hold off for a day or two, just out of decency. It didn’t seem right to make a … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Jury Doodie Edition

1) Current mood: 2) Prime and I may not be attending as many Timber Rattlers games this year as we did last. Prime was waiting to purchase a season ticket package, but the TRats announced their giveaway for “Mini Figure … Continue reading

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Today in Sportsball

That’s the perfect name for that sportsball team, honestly. Well, unless you’ve been under a rock for the last twenty four hours, then you know that the teams going to the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs and the … Continue reading

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As promised, here’s my quick Brewers On Deck report, for your reading (dis)pleasure, if you will. We left immediately after I got off work; why head home in order to get up the next morning at an ungodly hour in … Continue reading

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The Best View Ever

I’m here, after a two year absence. And I am extremely happy. Full report tomorrow.

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-Five

Today’s post–and good mood–is brought to you by: Dunkin’ Donuts White Chocolate Peppermint. It’s time for the monthly Morning Coffee post, where I post some random thoughts and prove that in my case, I drink coffee and know nothing. So let’s get … Continue reading

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