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Seven Quick Takes Friday: I Know It’s Late Edition

1) Current mood: 2) This is your weekly reminder that #FacebookIsTrash. 3) Thought for the Week: I’m already tired from next week. 4) Tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. I’m not going to blog about it. This is the … Continue reading

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Happy Forge Day!

A happy birthday to none other than Will Friedle, the voice of Bumblebee from Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Robots in Disguise. May you have many cycles more! ❤

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Thirty Five Years

Happy thirty fifth anniversary to Transformers: the Movie. Til all are one!

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Some Thoughts on Transformers: Kingdom (Warning! Spoilers!)

Prime and I just watched the entirety of Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom last night. As is the case with the previous entries in the trilogy, this is fairly short and can be tackled all in one night. As you … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

Here’s a Thing That was Revealed: It’s a movie and it was just recently announced; it seems to be a sequel to the Bumblebee movie, with Optimus Prime as the main focus. My thoughts on everything are as follows: -I’m … Continue reading

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Mood Music

It’s been a rough weekend and today wasn’t all that great, either. So instead of bringing everyone down, let’s just have a nice Eighties flashback. Or a quick flashback to 2007 and the first Transformers. I’ll be back tomorrow and … Continue reading

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This Happened

So, we got a trailer for the next chapter in the Netflix Transformers series. Here it is and if you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you give it a view. Okay, some thoughts: -We’re looking for the Allspark again, … Continue reading

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For Today

I guess you can call this a Bumble-ception. Today, as you know, is the birthday of one Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee from Transformers back in the 1980s. So, although today isn’t a national holiday, I honestly could make … Continue reading

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Thirty Five Years – Thirty Five Thoughts #28: Against All Odds

It was the summer of 1986 and the Autobots and Decepticons were on the big screen in their own animated movie. What I had already seen had been fairly shocking, but things might have been about to take a turn … Continue reading

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