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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Whatever Edition

1) Current mood: Truth. 2) As always: This is your weekly reminder that #FacebookIsTrash. 3) Thought for the Week: There is always room to fuck up more shit. Always. 4) Have you ever heard the saying: “Sure, let’s do it … Continue reading

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Letters to Sammy: End of the Road

Dear Sammy, When you were sick, Prime and I loaded you into our car, Scamper, to take you to the vet. You managed to see that car a few times; it was Scamper who gave you your last ride home. … Continue reading

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Not a Gas

So lately, Prime and I have been noticing the smell of gas when we walk near the passenger side of our car. It seemed to be getting stronger by the day, until the point where Prime said, “To hell with … Continue reading

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