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An Open Letter: To WordPress

Dear WordPress, Y’all got some ‘splainin’ to do. Seriously. You see, I read that wonderful report. Yes, that one. And guess what? Seems you guys provided the blogging platform for this Grucifer 2.0 guy. Did I mention that he uploaded files … Continue reading

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Fly Bys

Well, technically, you only need two… If you ever decide to visit northeastern Wisconsin, you might want to skip mid to late July. That’s when the EAA Airventure and Fly-In and Lifest take place and every hotel in a thirty mile radius … Continue reading

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Year Three

I got the notice a few days ago: it was a “happy anniversary” message from WordPress. Three years. I’ve been blogging here for three years. A lot has changed in the intervening time. -I got out of Subway. -I got … Continue reading

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Endless Summer Nights

Might want to leave a one star Yelp review for that. Because that is not a ringing endorsement. I managed to switch our tickets; Prime and I will be heading to the game on Monday night. Normally, I’d be all … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 7

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Reader, where I share interesting links with you. Got a hot story? Just drop a link in the comments! ALL THE TIMES NORTH KOREA PROMISED TO DENUCLEARIZE (from Wired): “But this is not … Continue reading

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“Normal” Seems So Far Away

It can’t hurt. This has been on Patheos for quite a while: Nothing Feels Normal Anymore. Case in point: You know what I’m talking about. You scroll through your facebook news feed or turn on the news. Every day is … Continue reading

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This Is Happening

From CNN: Trump admin drops asylum protections for domestic violence victims. Yes, you are reading that correctly. From the article: The Trump administration Monday overturned asylum protections for domestic violence victims in a decision that could affect thousands of asylum seekers … Continue reading

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