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Asshat of the Week: Southbound End of a Northbound Summer Edition

Welcome to Asshat of the Week, where I find an asshat and let the multiverse know that this asshat is exactly that: an asshat. This week’s asshat is none other than Jesse Lee Peterson. Now, you might have heard about Wisconsin … Continue reading

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Eff Your Feelings, Trumpflake

This went somewhat viral on Facebook a little bit ago; it’s such a festering pile of stupid that I just had to do a takedown. So buckle in, guys; it’s about to get bumpy in here. (As always, if this … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to a Former Senator

Dear Mr. Frothy Mix, Please shut the hell up. I know you think that you are trying to help, but suggesting that kids should learn CPR and not boycott the NRA when it comes to mass shootings is stupid and it makes … Continue reading

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This is Real and I Quit the World

Shoot at Hurricane Irma is an actual fucking thing on Facebook. Seriously. Ryon Edwards, who created the event on Facebook, said he had no’t expected to generate such a large response, and that he started the event out of “stress and boredom”. “A … Continue reading

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