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I found this via Libby Anne’s blog sometime last week; as I mentioned before, it needs some unpacking and I’m going to do just that. So here we go!

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Cartoon Logic in the Real World

If you listen to Gordon Klingonshit Klingenschmitt, demons are using Beauty and the Beast to turn kids gay. Again, I’m completely serious and not making this up. You see, it’s demonic influences that are taking over Disney and putting this into … Continue reading

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And Today in “Who’s Really Surprised?”

Good old Ken Paxton. He’s so concerned about the separation of church and state… except when it pertains to christianity. When it came to Kim Davis and police cars sporting “In God We Trust” on their bumpers, he was cool with that. … Continue reading

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Tale As Old as Time

I found this steaming dumpster fire at the Friendly Atheist and yes, it is as bad as you think: not only did this mother cancel her Disney vacation, she also received hate mail over it. Considering what she posted, it’s rather easy to see why. … Continue reading

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Free Agency

I found this blog post late last week. It’s a sobering read and difficult at times but it is a good one. There are a lot of points that Captain Cassidy made that resonated with me but one in particular really caught … Continue reading

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Marriage Is Not a Panacea

I found this little gem at the footer of the Patheos Atheist blogs and out of curiosity, I decided to give it a read. We’ll call that “mistake number one”. Wow. Just wow. There is so much wrong with this and … Continue reading

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As If It Wasn’t Obvious…

Who’s surprised by this: Anti-Abortion Leader: Birth Control Pills and IUDs Should Be Illegal. See, they don’t just want to save the unborn. They want to save the preconceived! Because those potential lives matter! Never mind that contraception isn’t abortion, just … Continue reading

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