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That’s Just Prime!

This Happened and It Is Amazing: Yes, I have thoughts. You probably do as well so let’s get this started! -Primal looks absolutely badass. -Cheetor is FUCKING HUGE. His beast mode is bigger than Bumblebee’s vehicular mode?! Holy shit! -Looks … Continue reading

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More Hype!

We’ve gotten another trailer for Transformers: EarthSpark, which is coming soon to Paramount+. I have a few thoughts about this, so let’s get started! -“Bumblebee’s gonna live with us!” made this instantly relatable. The nine year old kid in me … Continue reading

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Diamond in the Rough

There was a Pokémon Presents this morning. There was a look at the new Pokémon Snap. Game looks great, honestly and I can’t wait to snap some pics and share them online. There was also something else, I’m having a … Continue reading

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Agent of ‘Shield’

As you may or may not know, there was a Nintendo Direct today. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop what you’re doing and click the link above. It won’t take long; it’s only seven minutes. Okay, now that’s done, … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-Three

Today’s post is brought to you by: White Castle Original restaurant blend. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I pick through the alphabet like it’s nothing more than Scrabble tiles and see if I can put together something that … Continue reading

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Here is a Pocket Monsters Thing.

Say hi to the brand new Dusk forme Lycanroc. I’ll be the first to admit, I like the way this guy looks, as it has a more “wolfish” appearance than its previous formes. Looks like it’s also going to be … Continue reading

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Buzzing About The Hype!

We’ve gotten some more info on the upcoming Bumblebee solo film and let’s just say that I’m totally hype! -The film will be set in 1987. -John Cena is now part of the cast. -The release date has been pushed … Continue reading

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Start the Buzz!

Fresh from the Allspark: the stand alone Bumblebee film has cast its male lead. Apparently, it’s Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who can be seen in Spiderman: Homecoming. We also have some details on the female lead as well. Okay, I’m getting hype over here. If they … Continue reading

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This is a Thing. Prepare to GET HYPE.

By now, you’ve probably heard all those rumors about a Pokémon game–called Stars–that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yeah, you can officially ignore those rumors now: we’re actually getting Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the 3DS later this year. It … Continue reading

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