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Happy Forge Day

To none other than Mr. Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime. We love you!

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Happy Forge Day!

In honor of a certain someone’s Forge Day, let’s take a little trip back down nostalgia lane with some retro commercials. If that voice sounds slightly familiar, it’s because that’s none other than Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee!

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Prime Day

Today is Prime Day. Optimus Prime Day. Because it’s Peter Cullen’s Forge Day! So all the best to the voice of Optimus Prime, among many others. So many of us love and appreciate everything you do. We love you. ❤

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Dan in Real Life

As always, happy forge day wishes to Dan Gilvezan, the one and only voice of the greatest Autobot ever, Bumblebee! Nothing but love, love and more love! ❤

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