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HasCon: the Aftermath

Last night, our friend from Cali gave us a call and let us in on everything. He did well, got the things we needed–well, the ones that weren’t sold out–and got them shipped to us. Prime’s phone was on speaker … Continue reading

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HasCon Update

So the Hall of Fame dinner happened last night. It went well, if a bit oddly. Apparently, they ran out of tables, which is a bit weird. Even weirder? The HOF presentation was more geared towards Lorenzo di Bonaventura. There … Continue reading

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Prime and I just got some news from our friend, DA this morning and it isn’t good. Now, supposedly, the limits on the show exclusives were two a day. About that… That’s been changed. The limits are now two per show. I’m … Continue reading

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HasCon Update: Part One

Many thanks to my friend, Dai Atlas, for attending this event and nabbing the exclusives for us. The SilverDefense team appreciates all you do! I just wish I could be there to commiserate. HasCon started today. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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One Last Micro HasCon Update

Since the trade show/convention is this week, this will probably be the last of the pre-HasCon updates. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we? -Apparently, Hasbro actually will not be sending out physical tickets. If you preregistered, you will … Continue reading

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I Literally Cannot

In “Oh shit, why are you even fucking DOING THIS?!” news: Hasbro is suing DC over the trademark “Bumblebee”. I’m not making this up, either. This slag is very, very real. From the article: Bumblebee is one of the central heroes … Continue reading

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Brand “News” from Hasbro (Not HasCon Related)

It appears that Hasbro has applied for a new trademark: Allspark Animation. It would seem that this new trademark is meant to handle entertainment services, specifically movies, television and web series. So what does this mean? Will this be the new studio … Continue reading

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