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Weekly Reader: Vol 2 Issue 5

It’s time once more for news and views you can peruse. It’s your Weekly Reader! If you’ve got something interesting to share, head over to the comments and drop a link. Sharing is caring! ❤ Her rapist was convicted and … Continue reading

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Down With the Sickness

Adulting in a nutshell. Not feeling the greatest right now. My eyes feel feverish and my temperature is elevated slightly. I highly doubt that it’s a cold; I haven’t had a sore throat and my nose isn’t itching. As to … Continue reading

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We got snow yesterday. I thought it was supposed to snow on Sunday but I guess I was wrong. It wasn’t a lot; maybe around two inches or so. Nothing major, but just enough to make driving interesting. I found … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Sign Up for This

“So which one of you is going to try and kill me?” As I say that, I force a laugh; it’s a joke but a twisted one. Every time I look at my chest, I wonder which breast will decide … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even

Under our new system of Trumpcare–which just passed the House–states are allowed to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions. What sort of conditions, you ask? Oh, just the usual, like rape, surviving domestic violence and having a cesarean section. Yeah, this … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I’m Not Okay

I admit it: some days, I’m not okay. There are days when I see that I’ve missed a call, only to discover it’s from my breast specialist and my heart falls to the floor. Or it’s from the scheduling area … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Twenty-Three

Current cup: Decaf hazelnut by Steep & Brew. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I post things both personal and political and sometimes nonsensical. So in the words of Marvin Gaye: Let’s get it on!

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