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Eff This Year

With the way this year is going, we need a lot more than the Force. Trust me. Here is A Terrifying Thing That Exists: the Murder Hornet. Seriously. In his decades of beekeeping, Ted McFall had never seen anything like … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes: U.N. Spacyforce Edition

1) Current mood: 2) And today in “This Is A Thing That Exists And Only Primus Knows Why Because WTF?!”: Boston will have a “Straight Pride” parade in August. Seriously. First off, shouldn’t this thing be called “Incelebration“? Second off, … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Plush Bear is Just a Plush Bear

I found this on Patheos pagan, called When Your Kid’s Stuffie Gets Soul What do you Do? and it’s quite the read. Now, if dissecting this sort of article isn’t your thing, then don’t click past the jump. Everyone else? Let’s … Continue reading

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These Are the Things that Make Me Want to Quit the World

This was found via Friendly Atheist: BYU-Idaho Wanted to Know Why a Student Dropped Out, So She Told Them the Truth. So why didn’t she go back? Well, she had her reasons: Your survey didn’t let me log in, I didn’t … Continue reading

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And Today in “WHAT THE HELL, HASBRO?!”…

So another HasCon guest has made an announcement: it’s Flo Rida. Seriously. I can’t even put together anything coherent for this. I just can’t. What the shit?! Flo Rida is going to have a concert at HasCon? Why?! Did he have … Continue reading

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