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Bird Boxed

Ya done fucked up, Elon. Okay, so you bought Twitter for more than it was actually worth, then you come up with a plan to charge for it, decided to shitcan a fuckton of employees which included some damn valuable … Continue reading

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Why are stupid people **gestures violently yet vaguely**? This is A Thing That Fucking Exists Because Stupid People:A guy in California is suing Texas Pete because it’s not actually made in Texas. I’m not fucking kidding here. Philip White claims … Continue reading

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We Have a Word for You Guys

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A Tennessee school board just banned the Holocaust graphic novel ‘Maus’, due to language and nudity. As you can expect, there is a metric fuckton of idiocy to sift through, so let’s … Continue reading

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Second Verse, Same As the First Redux

Yesterday was a nice, tall glass of hot garbage juice with a Dumpster fire chaser. Holy hell, it started on the way to work that morning: we had two different jackasses in two different overly large pick up trucks–wonder what … Continue reading

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Pipe Dreams

Congratulations, anti-vaxxers. You’ve finally gotten your “perfect world”. Every day on Facebook and in your Pinterest groups and on Twitter you’ve said time and time again that you couldn’t wait for a world without vaccines, a perfect, wonderful and natural … Continue reading

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On The Subtle Art Form of Not Fucking Getting It

Before I begin, I want to warn you: this gets into rather prickly territory–namely, abuse–and this may be a bit much for some. So if you think you can’t (or you simply don’t want to) handle it, then don’t go … Continue reading

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