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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 11

Welcome to the latest edition of Weekly Reader, where I share interesting links and articles from across the internet. Got something of your own that you want to share? Have a really cool, insightful blog post that you’re proud of … Continue reading

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Lines In The Sand

You might have heard the rumblings by now. You may have heard the latest name in #MeToo; that name is John Kricfalusi. If the name sounds familiar, then you probably grew up watching Nickelodeon every Saturday night, eagerly awaiting the new Ren … Continue reading

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On Aziz Ansari

You probably know about Aziz Ansari and have probably read his apology. It’s old news. What’s also old news are what some people are saying about this. “It was a date gone bad.” “Why didn’t she just say no?” “She could have just … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Dave Chappelle

Dear Dave Chappelle, I heard about your Netfix special, about the #MeToo jokes and the transgender jokes, and how you’ve been criticized as tone-deaf. I’ve heard all about it. So I won’t be going into any of that. I think enough … Continue reading

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A Must Read

Drop what you are doing and read this op-ed by Salma Hayek. It’s difficult in spots, but this is something that you absolutely must read.

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Fire and Rain

By now, you know about Senator Franken. You’ve probably heard his speech. It may have impressed you. It may have upset you. But the result is the same: he will be resigning his seat. Before you ask: I’m relieved. I … Continue reading

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Glass Rocks and Stone Houses

(I’m currently listening to the Cave Theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon. It’s very soothing, which is something I need right at this moment.) It happened today. Something that I feared would happen but had been hoping against hope that it … Continue reading

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