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Thirty Five Years – Thirty Five Thoughts #2: The New Generation

The year was 1993. I was a senior in high school. Me, on the cusp of adulthood, about to graduate from high school and start my adult life. Then, something happened. Namely, this: That was the year when Transformers: Generation … Continue reading

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Three and a Half Decades

I had just gotten out of school a couple of hours before; idly, I had been surfing the channels. Already I had taken in a showing of GI Joe on WGN TV; locally, WGN was known in NC as “the … Continue reading

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Just Prime!

Happy birthday to Peter Cullen, the one and only voice of Optimus Prime. You have no idea how amazing it is that I had the honor of meeting you, so I wish you all the best!

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That’s Just Prime!

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Reboot to the Skidplate

There’s been some debate as to whether the Transformers films should be rebooted. I hate to say it, but this is probably coming and coming soon. Now, others have their thoughts, so I thought I’d share mine. Warning: there are some spoilers … Continue reading

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Another HasCon Update

Human Nature by Michael Jackson. Thanks to the AllSpark, we’ve gotten more details on HasCon. This is some of what we can expect for Transformers fans; to read everything else for the other franchises, just head on over to the ‘Spark: … Continue reading

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Here Is an Expensive Thing

Several years ago. Hasbro released a couple of Transformers Monopoly sets. Prime and I have them both. I even have a story about how I managed to bankrupt Prime the first time we played the first Transformers edition. (Sorry, Prime. But … Continue reading

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