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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 15

It’s time for another Weekly Reader, where I post an amalgamation of interesting news and views, which you can read at your leisure. Got a link of your own? Give a shout out in the comments! Mourning And Instagramming The … Continue reading

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Open Minds and Closed Doors

(First off, a head’s up: we’re going to be dealing with abuse, physical, emotional and sexual, in this post. If this bothers you, if you find it too difficult to read, then hop over to the Cats category and take … Continue reading

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Lowering the Barr

Let’s go ahead and address the most obvious change: yes, I added a background. Why stars? Well, it does look rather nice and it goes with the blog’s broader theme of “A Slightly Different Universe”. And looking up at the … Continue reading

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The Strings That Bind

I’ve completely caught up with God Awful Movies; all I have to do is listen to the review of Samson and I’m set. A good number of these episodes have caused me to laugh out loud while in the breakroom … Continue reading

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Those First Lonely Steps

The last few days haven’t exactly been kind to me. My anxiety has seemingly decided to come back with a vengeance; my own thoughts are my absolute worst enemies now. I can’t listen to the national news without wanting to … Continue reading

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Left Behind

I found this post on Adam Lee’s Daylight Atheism, I just hadn’t had the chance to put my thoughts in order about it. Titled #RaptureAnxiety: Evangelical Torture of the Mind, it deals with the anxiety of living with the fallout of … Continue reading

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Caged Bird

I found this article a while ago, titled Nobody Would Have Been Surprised If I Had Died, it deals with one woman’s childhood and the domestic abuse her mother suffered from her stepfather. It’s a difficult piece to read, I’ll … Continue reading

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