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I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard the news. If you’re like me, you’re feeling numb. It’s a familiar feeling; I had that same, hollowed out sensation in the center of my chest when I heard the news about Leonard Nimoy … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 1

Welcome to the Weekly Reader, which is a roundup of interesting links that I have found that I pass on to you. If the title sounds familiar, it should. Obituary: Satire (456 BC-5/9/2018): (from Patheos) “After a life noted both for … Continue reading

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End of Summer

Prime just told me the news: we’ve lost Davey Nelson. He lost his battle with liver cancer. I really don’t have the words to describe how I feel right now. His voice was one I heard near constantly over the … Continue reading

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Brief Candle

As you all know by now, Stephen Hawking has died. I lack the words to properly honor this man, as his work was far reaching. All I can say is that the universe has lost a great mind and seems far … Continue reading

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Saints and Sinners

By now, everyone has heard about Billy Graham. My memories of him are colored by the many crusades that he hosted; since I lived in NC as a child, mention of a Billy Graham crusade meant a week’s worth of terrible prime … Continue reading

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A Salute

Mort Walker passed away, at the age of 94. I’m more than a little upset about this. Beetle Bailey was one of those strips that was in every newspaper; it was ubiquitous and familiar. Every morning, when I was a … Continue reading

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“We will all decay”

Title from here. Earlier today, I heard the news of the death of Dolores O’Riordan. Saying that I’m stunned is putting it very mildly. The Cranberries was one of my favorite groups, the song “Linger” and “Dreams” among my favorite songs. However, it … Continue reading

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