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Over the weekend, we lost Ivan Reitman, best known for directing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. His son just recently took over the franchise, directing Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which was fairly well received. But the original director of Ghostbusters is gone. He … Continue reading

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Honestly? It was pure coincidence that I made that choice for Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush. I had no idea what had happened; when I did hear about it, I was absolutely stunned. Sixty five is not that old. Not nowadays, … Continue reading

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Just yesterday, we were told of the passing of Derrick J. Wyatt. For those of you who don’t know, he was best known for his work on Ben 10. In my case, I knew him for Transformers: Animated, which is … Continue reading

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Lost Orbit

I stumbled across the news while on Facebook: Jack Angel, the voice of Astrotrain, has died. He was 90. Astrotrain wasn’t one of my favorite characters; he was a Deception and I was firmly an Autobot supporter. My main crush … Continue reading

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Fuck This Year. I’m Out.

Kirby Morrow has died. He was the voice of Rad in Transformers: Armada and the dub voice of Miroku in Inyasha, as well as Cyclops on X-Men Evolution. He was 47. I can’t even with this year. Just when things … Continue reading

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His Way

René Auberjonois has died. His name may not seem familiar; he did voice work in Challenge of the Gobots and had a recurring role on Benson. He was a cast member of the original 1970s movie M.A.S.H. But he was … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Cat Mom AF Edition

1) Current mood: I wish I knew. Especially after this week. 2) It seems that the name “Lulu” isn’t just a shortened version of Lucy or Louise or the like. It’s also Arabic and means “pearl”. So instead of calling … Continue reading

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Five Stages

Normally, I’d make a smart comment about the meme above, but I can’t. Not today. Yesterday, I walked into work and saw some fliers hanging near the time clock. I thought it was an announcement for a picnic or baseball … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes: A Question of Agency Edition

1) Current mood: 2) Shopko’s last day was Sunday. All of the stores are now officially shuttered here in Wisconsin. I don’t know how to feel about it, honestly. It’s one less store to check for Transformers, but the prices … Continue reading

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Some Fridays Suck

In my case, it was a Saturday. View this post on Instagram Some days are grumpier than others… A post shared by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on May 17, 2019 at 2:01am PDT We’ll miss you, Grumpy Cat. A lot of … Continue reading

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