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Seven Quick Takes Friday: “Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum” Edition

1) Current mood: Nuff said. 2) As always: This is your weekly reminder that #FacebookIsTrash. It’s also a shitty source for medical advice or information. (People, please don’t drink aquarium chemicals. Please. That could put you in the hospital or … Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

Seems legit. I’ve been using Pokémon Home for the past few days; the extra storage and the Wonder Box is great. There’s a stat checker, meaning you can finally see if you have actual 6IV Pokémon for breeding purposes, which … Continue reading

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Pokémon Snapped

By now, you all probably know. This isn’t exactly the type of news that stays quiet and low-key. No, with something like this, the information travels and travels fast. Remember Pokemon Home? How we’d be able to store our old … Continue reading

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Game of ‘Mons

But they aren’t white and are no longer fetuses, so no pro-lifers really care… There was a Pokémon Livestream last night. The best way to sum it up? We’re getting a game that is the opposite of Go; instead of … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-Four

Today’s post–and good mood–is brought to you by: Fudge Swirl from Berres Brothers. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I post random and assorted BS for your potential reading (dis)pleasure. There are some minor movie spoilers contained below the … Continue reading

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It’s Live! And It Only Took Three Thousand Years!

So that update to Pokemon Bank so you could transfer older Pokemon to Sun and Moon? It’s active now. I’ve already dropped a shiny Golett into my PC on Moon and I’m getting ready to train the little guy. (Yeah, … Continue reading

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