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Wake Me Up When September Ends

It’s official; divisions are being clinched. We have somewhere around 17 or so regular season games left. It won’t be long until the race for October starts in earnest. We’ll be hearing about magic numbers and Wildcard races. We’ll be … Continue reading

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HasCon: the Aftermath

Last night, our friend from Cali gave us a call and let us in on everything. He did well, got the things we needed–well, the ones that weren’t sold out–and got them shipped to us. Prime’s phone was on speaker … Continue reading

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Labor Day

It’s Labor Day, which is the unofficial end of summer. Where I live, it already feels a lot like autumn; the nights are cool and the days pleasant and not terribly humid. It hasn’t felt like summer for the past … Continue reading

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“Here We Are, At the End…”

This was the view I had earlier tonight; the always lovely Fox Cities Stadium. This was the second to last home game of the year for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. It was also my last game of the season. Although … Continue reading

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On Texas

To say that things look bad in Texas is an understatement; Harvey has dropped fifty inches of rain in Houston. The flooding will be catastrophic, to say the least. I ache for these people. I truly do. I’ve been through something similar. I … Continue reading

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We have some color on the trees now. It isn’t a lot, but I can see some insistent little yellow patches dotted on the nearby woods. Some are small enough to where if you blink, you can miss them. Others … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-One

Today’s post is brought to you by: Quotable Coffee hazelnut flavor from Life Plus Style Gourmet. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I toss a little word salad. So get the ranch dressing and let’s dig in, shall we?

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