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Infinite Packing

Last week, Prime spent an evening with his mother; it seems she needed his help for a project. She’s sending care packages to the Guard unit that Claymore–he’s Prime’s younger brother–is serving with right now. It appears that toiletries and … Continue reading

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We got snow yesterday. I thought it was supposed to snow on Sunday but I guess I was wrong. It wasn’t a lot; maybe around two inches or so. Nothing major, but just enough to make driving interesting. I found … Continue reading

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We’ve had some milder weather lately; most of the snow is gone. Of course, we didn’t have a lot to begin with, so it’s a moot point. But from what I understand, the temperature is going to drop later , … Continue reading

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Resolutions for the new year: -keep resisting -post on my blog at least once a day -exercize my free speech -vote in every election -keep being a pain in the ass to the hubby (I kid!) -try to post on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wisconsin

That’s no exaggeration; the temperatures have gone South as of late. The wind chill has hit negative numbers and the high temps struggle to break double digits. It was bad enough today that Prime insisted he drive me to and … Continue reading

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“How Are You?”

“How are you?” It’s a simple enough question; why do I have trouble answering it? Currently, we’ve just come out of the holiday season, which is one of the busiest and most stressful in all of retail. I’ve survived yet … Continue reading

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From My Blog to Yours

A happy holiday season to all of you and best wishes for the coming new year.

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