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Seven Quick Takes Friday: November Rain Edition

1) Current mood: Every damn day. 2) Don’t ask me how, but we went from summer, to the monsoon, to freaking winter all in the span of a few short weeks. We had some fall-like temperatures, but with the constant … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Between the Lines Edition

1) Current mood: This is way past “hiss off”. Miles past it. 2) I’ve been reading The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and to call it riveting is being mild. I warn you: once you pick this book up, it is … Continue reading

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A Matter of Priorities

Every blastocyst is sacred. Actual living, breathing migrant children? Not so much. I wish I wasn’t so cynical. I just finished Salt to the Sea; if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. “Gripping” is putting it mildly. … Continue reading

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The Things: Vernal Edition

“Megatron, I don’t feel so good…” Welcome to The Things, which is stuff that I’ve been into lately. It can be television shows, books, movies, manga, or whatever! So here are some Things that I’m into right now: Ballpark Foods: … Continue reading

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An Atheist Reads: The Shack – Forward through Chapter Two

What is An Atheist Reads? An Atheist Reads is where I read christian literature and apologetics, then post a review of them. It’s a hate-read with a purpose. Our subject for this edition is none other than The Shack. For those of … Continue reading

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Letters to Sammy: Unbirthday Wishes

Dear Sammy, I “celebrated” my birthday recently. I didn’t do much, just stuck around home and rested. You see, my left knee was still pretty stiff so I didn’t want to injure it any further. On top of that, I … Continue reading

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Kill Your Heroes

“Imperfect” doesn’t begin to describe it. It didn’t take me long to finish When the Emperor was Divine; I managed to get through the last two chapters in twenty minutes. For such a slender volume, it packs quite a punch … Continue reading

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State of Flux

Well, that might be part of it. Lately, I’ve noticed that I don’t have the same enthusiasm for Pokemon. My Ultra Sun game is sitting by my bed, untouched for the better part of a week. It’s the same with … Continue reading

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Heavy Clouds

It doesn’t rain. It pours. Last night, I talked with one of my co-workers; she’s been having some issues at work lately. She’s been documenting them, in order to let corporate know what’s going on here. It’s a lot. And … Continue reading

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Date Night

I have a date with my bed tonight. We’re totally going to sleep together. For the last couple of days, we actually haven’t gotten any snow. It’s been rather nice. However, it’s still cold, which means I have to hitch … Continue reading

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