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When Helping Doesn’t Actually Help

As you know, I’m dealing with some pretty severe breast issues.  If you don’t know, or are a newer reader to this particular blog, I’ll sum it up: I have BRCA. To put it gently, my risk of developing breast … Continue reading

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Something Strange

A new armored ankylosaur has been found. It’s name? Zuul crurivastator: or “Zuul, destroyer of shins”. Yes, as in that Zuul. Who ya gonna call, indeed. To be quite honest, it’s kinda darned cute. I wouldn’t mind this thing as a pet. Or better yet, … Continue reading

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Y’all Need Some Science!

Celebrate the Hubble telescope by viewing some of its best pics. Because they are beautiful and will make you feel rather small and insignificant. And they are far more interesting than politics and the like. Enjoy!

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