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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 30

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s another edition of Weekly Reader! Got something you’d want to post? A story you found that’s interesting? A blog post you want to share with the world? … Continue reading

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And the Asshole of the Month Award Goes To…

Mark Zuckerberg, of course. For reasons. Namely, a stupid 30 day ban for Prime. So yeah, Fuckerberg gets a pumpkin featuring a cat’s asshole. Fuck social media. PZ Meyers has an excellent post dealing with social media on his blog. It’s … Continue reading

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Autumn Snow

Television lied to me. Last night, Prime and I caught a showing of Venom. It’s a good movie and without giving too much away, the studio made a film in the Spider-verse without having to use Spider-Man and it worked. Perfectly. … Continue reading

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Anti Social Media

When I got the text from Prime, I honestly thought that he had tried to reset my password on my Twitter account. There’s been some sort of bug that had Twitter telling every user to change their password. But when … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Fail

I can’t do this hard enough. Alright, last night I shared a post on my Facebook feed that dealt with Alex Jones and the fact that he’s walking back his insistence that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually a “false … Continue reading

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I’ve been staying off Facebook lately. Well, my newsfeed page, anyway. It has helped me a bit; I’m finding more useful things to do with my time. If I share anything, it’s from my friends or directly from the source. … Continue reading

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Ice Holes

Prime just came off a one day Facebook suspension. He’s been dealing with a troll as of late and per Facebook policy, he was the one who was punished. This is typical, as most people dealing with abusive, asshole trolls … Continue reading

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