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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 6

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Reader, where I share interesting articles and hope that you’ll do the same. Read all of them, bookmark some for later, it’s all up to you. Found something interesting? Drop me a link in … Continue reading

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Open Minds and Closed Doors

(First off, a head’s up: we’re going to be dealing with abuse, physical, emotional and sexual, in this post. If this bothers you, if you find it too difficult to read, then hop over to the Cats category and take … Continue reading

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Words Matter

Libby Anne has a great post on spanking. It deals with the idea of defending the practice and how problematic that can be. I highly recommend you read it; it’s a great post. But it shouldn’t be a debate at all because it’s founded … Continue reading

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Nostalgia is a Helluva Drug

I don’t often frequent Freethought Blogs; the traffic there doesn’t seem quite as consistent as it is with Patheos. Then a couple of weeks ago, I found this. Welcome to me, staring at the screen and trying not to freak out. … Continue reading

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For the Greater “Good”

I found this via Friendly Atheist and it is a hard read. You are warned. My thoughts are below the fold.

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Removing the Nostalgia Goggles

It was one of those things that popped up in my feed on Facebook, one I’m sure you’ve seen: a “Like and Share if you agree!” meme. But this one was different. It had a list of things that you … Continue reading

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By Varying Degrees

My mother and I have never really had a great relationship; although she was a helicopter parent, my mother was not particularly close to me. There was a distance between us and there seemed to be little that I could … Continue reading

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