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On Oklahoma City

Today marks the twenty-second anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. My memories of this day are dim; I lived in North Carolina, so I didn’t know anyone personally who may have been affected. I do remember seeing the footage of the … Continue reading

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How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

A few days ago, Prime flashed his iPod at me; on it was an email that he had just received. When I saw it, my heart twisted and my stomach dropped to the floor. It was from S______. Apparently, she had … Continue reading

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God as the Bystander Redux

So, there’s a follow-up to that terrible advice that Douglas gave to Gabrielle. It’s bad, really bad. So prepare yourselves, we’re goin’ in!

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Sometimes, I’m Not Okay

I admit it: some days, I’m not okay. There are days when I see that I’ve missed a call, only to discover it’s from my breast specialist and my heart falls to the floor. Or it’s from the scheduling area … Continue reading

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For the Greater “Good”

I found this via Friendly Atheist and it is a hard read. You are warned. My thoughts are below the fold.

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By Varying Degrees

My mother and I have never really had a great relationship; although she was a helicopter parent, my mother was not particularly close to me. There was a distance between us and there seemed to be little that I could … Continue reading

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Not An Option

“You have an older brother.” When my mother uttered those five words, everything changed. I was told throughout my childhood that I was an only child. That I was a wanted child. The first portion of what I was told … Continue reading

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