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Laughing in Disbelief

I’m sorry but that is way too damn funny. And one of the few things that can get me to smile lately. Wednesday was a tipping point, as you could see by my post; things haven’t been the greatest over … Continue reading

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Hissy Fit

It’s official: this weather can go die in every fire available to humankind. Without going into too much detail, I had plans. The rain shit all over them. Normally, that doesn’t bother me but this has been going on for … Continue reading

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Getting up doesn’t appeal to me right now. For reasons. So, Prime tried to mow the lawn today and the mower gave up the ghost. He hit a root on the stump of that problematic tree in the corner of … Continue reading

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It’s Happening

TRU will either close or sell its U.S. stores. We are losing Toys R Us. I don’t know what to think or how to feel about this. I’ll be the first to admit: it didn’t look good for them. When … Continue reading

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State of Flux

Well, that might be part of it. Lately, I’ve noticed that I don’t have the same enthusiasm for Pokemon. My Ultra Sun game is sitting by my bed, untouched for the better part of a week. It’s the same with … Continue reading

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Six More Weeks of Stupid

Overheard at work: Member 1: So we’re getting an early spring? Member 2: The groundhog saw his shadow. It’s still gonna be winter. Member 1: No, it’s gonna be spring. He’s wrong 80% of the time anyway. One of my … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Lowbrow Art

I found this on the Friendly Atheist and it still has me scratching my head: Christian Pastor Says Women Who Dress Provocatively Are Sexually Assaulting Men. I’m not making this up. Gallups agreed, saying that if a man were to parade … Continue reading

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Vacation Delayed

I had today off. Emphasis on the word “had” . It seems that one of my co-workers took a personal day and the schedule wasn’t changed. So I was “volunteered”, if you will. I shouldn’t complain too much; this will … Continue reading

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