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Seven Quick Takes: A Question of Agency Edition

1) Current mood: 2) Shopko’s last day was Sunday. All of the stores are now officially shuttered here in Wisconsin. I don’t know how to feel about it, honestly. It’s one less store to check for Transformers, but the prices … Continue reading

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Two Things

Thanks to Transformers Luxembourg and Nerdist, we now have pics of Power Charge Bumblebee, which is one of the upcoming toys. I have to be honest here: I think that the figure looks absolutely fantastic. I love the battle mask, as it has … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 9

Welcome to another Weekly Reader post, where I share things that I find interesting with you. Feel free to share the love; if you’ve got a link or two you’d like to share, drop them off in the comments! I’m … Continue reading

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Here Is a Great Thing

Remember MAGA Jazz? Well, Hasbro finally took care of that. It seems that they removed the offending mark and simply made that space blank. Personally, I don’t think that the glyph in question should have made it on the figure in … Continue reading

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So This Happened

Hasbro has purchased the Power Rangers. This is not a joke. This is real and really happening. This isn’t the first time that the Power Rangers have changed hands. About a decade ago, Disney owned the property but Saban eventually … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-Seven

Today’s post–and good mood–is brought to you by: The Artisans of Coffee – Cocoa by Life Plus Style Gourmet. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I sip a cup of coffee and drop some useless knowledge on my … Continue reading

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Yellow Bastard

Or maybe it’s the only way to catch that stupid roadrunner. Yesterday, I was off, so I spent most of my day at the mall. Prime had promised to stop by and pick me up once he was done with … Continue reading

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Hope Springs

For now, at least. Prime and I woke to the news that the president of MGA Toys–they manufacture Bratz dolls–is working to save some Toys R Us locations. It appears he has some sort of crowdfunding going on and he … Continue reading

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Road to Recovery

It’s my motto at work. Whatever this slag is, it is kicking my skidplate. Last night I had a hell of a time getting to sleep; I couldn’t get comfortable for more than a few minutes, then I’d have to … Continue reading

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It’s Happening

TRU will either close or sell its U.S. stores. We are losing Toys R Us. I don’t know what to think or how to feel about this. I’ll be the first to admit: it didn’t look good for them. When … Continue reading

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