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This Happened

Remember that trademark dispute between DC and Hasbro? It seems that it’s been settled. No, there aren’t a lot of details, but it seems that both companies came to an agreement and the case was dismissed. I don’t know about anyone else, … Continue reading

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I Literally Cannot

In “Oh shit, why are you even fucking DOING THIS?!” news: Hasbro is suing DC over the trademark “Bumblebee”. I’m not making this up, either. This slag is very, very real. From the article: Bumblebee is one of the central heroes … Continue reading

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Brand “News” from Hasbro (Not HasCon Related)

It appears that Hasbro has applied for a new trademark: Allspark Animation. It would seem that this new trademark is meant to handle entertainment services, specifically movies, television and web series. So what does this mean? Will this be the new studio … Continue reading

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