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Three and a Half Decades

I had just gotten out of school a couple of hours before; idly, I had been surfing the channels. Already I had taken in a showing of GI Joe on WGN TV; locally, WGN was known in NC as “the … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Roads Less Traveled Edition

1) Current mood: Absolutely. 2) So this happened. Yes, that is final post for Shakesville. It seems that Melissa McEwan’s health has improved a lot, but her hiatus told her that going back to the blog was not a good … Continue reading

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Just Prime!

Happy birthday to Peter Cullen, the one and only voice of Optimus Prime. You have no idea how amazing it is that I had the honor of meeting you, so I wish you all the best!

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush! Special Edition

A video of the very first BotCon, from July 1994. I wasn’t able to attend; that would happen five years later, when I would meet some people who quickly became my family. Twenty five years have gone by; how is … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Dog Days Edition

1) Current mood: 2) So, I did this: #SorryNotSorry #ITMFA 3) It’s far too hot and humid. Breathing sucks. Moving sucks. Everything sucks. 4) Next week is my vacation; my next day off is Sunday, which will be spent taking … Continue reading

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“We got one!”

I think I ask myself that at least four times a day… Talk about getting lucky; I hit the Walmart near work and what do I find? A lone Refraktor. It seems that the associates I dealt with last week … Continue reading

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Sock It To Me

I’ve been on a tear lately. I’ve been buying socks. Yes, socks. A number of socks. Let me explain. Walmart is selling pop culture themed socks right now and among the choices is a set of Transformer socks; the designs … Continue reading

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