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Here is a Pocket Monsters Thing.

Say hi to the brand new Dusk forme Lycanroc. I’ll be the first to admit, I like the way this guy looks, as it has a more “wolfish” appearance than its previous formes. Looks like it’s also going to be … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening and closing for the 1980s Pac-Man cartoon. It’s another one of those things that is so Eighties that it hurts. The voice cast for this was amazing: Peter Cullen, Chris Latta, Lorenzo Music, Neil Ross and Frank Welker, … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee: Cup Twenty-Nine

Today’s post is brought to you by: Hills Bros. Original Blend. It’s time for another Morning Coffee post, where I pick through the detritus of my life and see what might make for an interesting post. Here we go!

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So Here is a Thing

It seems we’re getting a Pokémon RPG for the Switch, but it’s a ways off. I’m sure that the fans who were champing at the bit for Stars are happy to hear this. I’m just happy that it seems to … Continue reading

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It’s Live! And It Only Took Three Thousand Years!

So that update to Pokemon Bank so you could transfer older Pokemon to Sun and Moon? It’s active now. I’ve already dropped a shiny Golett into my PC on Moon and I’m getting ready to train the little guy. (Yeah, … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Just yesterday, I walked into a local Walmart and looked at the video games. There were two spots that were left blank in the Nintendo 3DS section and both were marked $39.82. One was for Pokemon Sun and the other … Continue reading

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Mourning Morning Coffee: Volume Seventeen

Current cup: Chocolate Mint by Eight O’ Clock Coffee. First of all, I wish to apologize: these aren’t meant to be posted so frequently. But considering what happened on Tuesday, I can’t keep my head on straight. So an amalgamation is … Continue reading

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