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BotCon Update

Your eyes don’t deceive you; that’s none other than Frank Welker as the latest guest announced for BotCon. We got the news on Friday. I haven’t stopped smiling since. It also seems that pre-registration will be going up this week. … Continue reading

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Happy Forge Day!

In honor of a certain someone’s Forge Day, let’s take a little trip back down nostalgia lane with some retro commercials. If that voice sounds slightly familiar, it’s because that’s none other than Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee!

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Lost Orbit

I stumbled across the news while on Facebook: Jack Angel, the voice of Astrotrain, has died. He was 90. Astrotrain wasn’t one of my favorite characters; he was a Deception and I was firmly an Autobot supporter. My main crush … Continue reading

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Fuck This Year. I’m Out.

Kirby Morrow has died. He was the voice of Rad in Transformers: Armada and the dub voice of Miroku in Inyasha, as well as Cyclops on X-Men Evolution. He was 47. I can’t even with this year. Just when things … Continue reading

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For Today

I guess you can call this a Bumble-ception. Today, as you know, is the birthday of one Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee from Transformers back in the 1980s. So, although today isn’t a national holiday, I honestly could make … Continue reading

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Thirty Five Years-Thirty Five Thoughts #29: Straight Up Chaser

In 1995, I was a student at a local university. It had been eleven years since Transformers had been the bright spot in my after school afternoons and seven years since the series had aired its final episode. I was … Continue reading

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Dan in Real Life

As always, happy forge day wishes to Dan Gilvezan, the one and only voice of the greatest Autobot ever, Bumblebee! Nothing but love, love and more love! ❤

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First off, let me wish a happy birthday to none other than Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee in the original Transformers series. This was probably the most Bumblebee image I could find on the internet, so it seemed fitting. … Continue reading

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A Little Positive Buzz, Perhaps?

I found this tidbit last night and wanted to share it with everyone because I felt it was somewhat relevant: Martin Short may be voicing a character in the Bumblebee movie. The article itself dates from December of last year and … Continue reading

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On This Day

Today is the birthday of none other than Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and the voice of a certain plucky little yellow Autobot in Transformers. So today I say, have a great day, Dan and thank you. My … Continue reading

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