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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Weenie Howl Edition

1) Current mood: 2) This is your weekly reminder that America is officially a shithole country. But the midterms are coming. Vote. 3) Thought for the Week: A lot of people head to haunted houses to get their pulses racing. … Continue reading

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World Serious

It looks like we now have our World Series lineup: the Philadelphia Phillies versus the Houston Astros. San Diego has officially been eliminated. GOOD. Okay, okay, I know: Trent Grisham is a member of the Friars. He was one of … Continue reading

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You Had One Job

Congrats on blowing it, Asterisks. Way to go. 🙄 Countdown to Spring Training starts now.

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World Series

I know you’re down a game, but go Rays!

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Swing and a Miss

Well, if you were to ask any Dodgers’ fans, they’d say that Halloween was ruined when Manny Machado struck out in Game five of the Series. Me, that’s a perfect damn way to end a ballgame–and a season–in my opinion. … Continue reading

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