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It’s a place in the Transformers multiverse, where Bumblebees from every reality are welcomed and loved without question.
It’s a place in Unova where Automatons play.
It’s a seat at Miller Park or Fox Cities Stadium, where the Milwaukee Brewers or Timber Rattlers play.
It’s a spot in an autograph line at BotCon where idle chitchat and geeky ideas are exchanged with laughter and smiles.
It’s a spot of prairie in Wisconsin domed by blue sky on a bright and hot summer day.
It’s a place where friends meet and gather, to laugh, to debate, and to reminisce.

It’s a place I call home.

About This Blog:
This is not a high-minded or lofty blog; it’s simply a place where I post my thoughts, feelings and occasional rants. Topics may include–but are not limited to–animal welfare, civil rights, political viewpoints and criticism, the Marvel cinematic universe, the location of the next BotCon, the current state of the Transformers franchise, how badly my workplace sucks, thoughts on a newly discovered anime or manga and the latest Pokemon Region, just to name a few. One day you may read a scathing rant on why a particular politician is a flaming lunatic, while the next you may read an insight on my childhood and the following week may have a gushing post stating why I love Bumblebee.

In other words, your mileage may vary. But it will never be boring. I can promise you that.

About the Images:
Most of the images I use are memes, which are rather difficult to credit. I stay away from fan artwork as much as possible. The images you see on this blog are usually found via Google search; if you see something that is yours and you want me to remove it, leave me a comment and I will. Or you can leave me a link back to your blog/website and I’ll give you credit, which is a win/win for both of us.

Transformers is the property of Hasbro/TakaraTOMY. Calvin and Hobbes was created by Bill Watterson and distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and is owned by Paramount. Loki and other Marvel characters are owned by Marvel. Wonder Woman is owned by DC. I didn’t create any of these characters. I just love memes and reaction gifs and I’m just a fan of all things geek.

About the Blogger:
Originally born in North Carolina, I emigrated to Wisconsin in 1999, as this was the homeland of my beloved and future husband, Prime. I’ve been a resident of Wisconsin ever since and am still trying to get used to the winters in this area, as they are brutal! Prime however, can manage those fine. It’s the summers that drive him crazy.

I’ve been known as Silverwynde since 1997; it’s my main screen persona. I’m a diehard Brewers fan, a fan of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, a Transformers fan–namely of Bumblebee–a Pokemon player and a member of Loki’s Army. Prime and I have been to every BotCon since 1999, which is where we met. We moved in together in December of that year, married in 2009–I was a little gun shy–and have been getting on each others’ last nerve ever since. I’m childless and was the main waitstaff of a half-Siamese cat who thought he owned the house and allowed us stay in his domicile as his servants until he had to cross the Rainbow Bridge on June 16, 2018. In other words, it may not be the perfect life but it’s pretty darn awesome.

I’m not new to the idea of blogging, as I had one at Blogger for over ten years. However, I’ve had to step back from said blog because of a particularly difficult follower. I’ve had trouble with this person before and I’d love to ban her outright but I know that would cause a lot more problems than it would solve. She and I have a pretty long history so if I did ban her, she’d have questions. A lot of questions. Which would have ended up in my inbox. So I thought it best to start over, as Blogger has become problematic at best–Hello, HTML screw-ups!–and a pain in the skidplate at worst. Thus, this blog was born.

About Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!:
Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush! is a weekly nostalgia post; it might be the opening to a cartoon that aired in the 1980s or the title and opening to a Game Boy game I played during my young adult years. It’ll be something different every week and there usually won’t be a set subject. Some months may have a running theme though, so keep an eye out for them!

About An Atheist Reads:
An Atheist Reads is where I, as a skeptic, read Christian literature–whether it’s apologetics or self-help or something between the two–with a skeptical bent. No, I’m not putting god under the microscope, just the words that some of his followers write. In other words, I’m trying to see if the argument presented does in fact have a merit. This isn’t for everyone so if you don’t think you’ll agree with my assessments, it might be for the best if you skip those entries.

About Language:
I’m a firm believer in the tactical F-bomb. I believe it’s necessary at some points and sometimes swearing will be present in this blog but not always. I consider this blog, along with some of its topics, as PG-13 in nature. If you’re offended by the language or any of the topics, you many not wish to read. If you can deal with both, feel free to hang out a while.

About Comments:
Feel free to comment but you are warned: the comments are moderated. Don’t feel offended as it is nothing personal. I am trying to screen some comments out of fear that the aforementioned person in question may try to make herself known here. I want to put a stop to that immediately. Also, I won’t allow comments with the following elements:

  • Homophobia/gay bashing
  • MRA/Red Pill arguements
  • Christian apologia
  • Racism
  • Hateful/trolling commentary
  • SPAM, ie Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages like “What’s the point of this post?” or “Don’t you have something better to do?”
  • Silencing techniques or wordage of any kind.
  • Claims that transgender/gay people are mentally ill. Ableism of this type will not be tolerated. Ever.

Anything that contains these elements won’t see the light of day, so don’t bother posting them as all you will do is waste your time. However, well thought-out comments are more than welcomed. Or, to put it this way:

In other words, act like a good person and everything is fine. Act like a bigot and I will say “Good day” to you.

About the Name:
The name “Iacon East” was one I came up with many years ago, back when I was thinking of simply starting up a fan page/tribute page to the Autobot Bumblebee from Transformers. Iacon was the name of the Autobots’ home city on Cybertron; for some reason my mind put that together with the area I was living in–the East Coast of the United States–and I stumbled upon Iacon East. For whatever reason, I really liked the name but never used it, as I wasn’t able to get a domain in order to put up my cyber Bumblebee shrine.

Time passed and I got a blog with Blogger. Since I was dealing more with work and various other irritants in my life I wasn’t thinking of Transformers at all; that blog got a totally different name. And for a while it worked… until I started having trouble last year with that particular follower. After she posted a screed on her blog about me, I all but abandoned my internet inner sanctum for a year, then made a post in early June. It was a mistake. That same follower felt it was her duty to track me down and let me in on some news that I truly never needed to hear. After a stress-filled week, things finally came to a head. I dearly loved my blog, wanted desperately to post but knew I couldn’t do it there. I needed to start over, from the ground up.

It was easily one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. I truly loved used Blogger but I simply couldn’t justify it anymore. There was too much stress involved.

I knew I couldn’t keep the original name of my blog; it was too easy to track down and find. So I needed something new, something snappy, something familiar. For a few days, I tried coming up with new names in my head and none of them worked. I was becoming a bit discouraged as time passed; what good was moving to a new blogging site if I couldn’t find a memorable name? Then it hit me.

Iacon East.
The same name that I had thought up years ago but abandoned came roaring back to me. It was unusual. It screamed “geek”. It was unconventional.

I instantly loved it and this blog was born a few days later.

And that covers (almost) everything! Enjoy your stay and welcome to my little corner of the universe. I hope you’ll come back to visit quite often. The coffee’s always fresh here.

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