No Words Needed

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach. When I saw the introduction to this, I would immediately find something else to watch. I never understood the attraction of this program.

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Nothing to Sneeze At

It’s been another shitty week, so let’s make it a kitty week! So here’s a cat, sneezing! Enjoy!

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Where the Sun Don’t Shine Edition

1) Current mood:

Then let it loose as a scream.

2) This is your weekly reminder that #FacebookIsTrash. So glad that I no longer have a Facebook account. Especially now that TFG is getting his back.

3) Thought for the Week: The colonoscopy isn’t the pain in the ass. It’s the prep the day before. Along with the massive amount of shitting.

4) A few tips for you if you’re planning on dealing with this: mix the solution with lukewarm water and have a straw handy. Don’t follow the instructions and put the solution in the fridge; it does nothing for palatability. If anything, it makes it worse. You quite literally don’t want to taste this mess; as a reviewer put it, the stuff is VILE. Having a straw can help you get it down faster but you have to be quick, as the cooler the solution gets, the bigger a sensory nightmare it becomes. So take my advice: keep it slightly warm and utilize a straw.

5) Jennie is now morning merch. Jed is on winter leave and won’t be back until February. Brenda is now part-time. Kathy still hasn’t come back yet. We’re down several people but I still haven’t been offered full-time. Whatever.

6) We’ve slowed down in the last few weeks, which has been a nice change of pace. However, it also means a cut in hours and I’m not too happy about that.

7) I don’t get a day off until next Friday. I hope I can make it.

On that note, we’ll take a break for today. But I’ll be back next time with another look into the organized chaos of my life. Until next time, have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon!

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Weekly Reader: Vol 3 Issue 24

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s time for another Weekly Reader! As always, if you have something that you want to share, drop a link in the comments!

‘We started eating them’: what do you do with an invasive army of crayfish clones? (from The Guardian): “Hidde is earning less for the marbled crayfish because, he believes, officials are “wary of creating demand” for the cloned animals, which could promote their breeding and exacerbate the problem. “I may give up, unless they’re prepared to make it worth my while,” he says, admitting he had personally yet to develop a taste for the meat. “I prefer to eat gambas [pawns] when I go on holiday to Spain.”

“Died Suddenly” Is Anti-Vaxxers’ New Favorite Phrase (from Slate): “Another tactic that’s used is “failed to provide context.” Vaccine rumors are intentionally vague. For example, what vaccine? What’s the condition? And so, because they are so intentionally vague, there are different hypotheses that are blended together, allowing proponents to shift from one thing to the other.”

Looking for Amazon alternatives for ethical shopping? Here are some ideas (from NPR): “Still, some organizations — especially small ones — say the money made a huge difference to them. Many shoppers who use AmazonSmile have expressed their dismay on social media and shared the impact the program has had on the charities they support, with some threatening to stop shopping on Amazon and urging others to cancel their Prime subscriptions.”

Acting Out Dreams Predicts Parkinson’s and Other Brain Diseases (from Scientific American): “Not all nocturnal behaviors are RBD. Sleepwalking and sleep talking, which occur more often during childhood and adolescence, take place during non-REM sleep. This difference is clearly distinguishable in a sleep laboratory, where clinicians can monitor stages of sleep to see when a person moves. Nor is RBD always associated with a synucleinopathy: it can also be triggered by certain drugs such as antidepressants or caused by other underlying conditions such as narcolepsy or a brain stem tumor.”

Ad spending on Twitter falls by over 70% in Dec – data (from Reuters): “According to the SMI data, ad spending on Twitter in November fell 55% from last year despite these months traditionally being a time of higher ad spending as brands promote their products during the holiday season.”

Finally, a solution to the Switch’s Joy-Con drift (from The Verge): “Unlike your standard Joy-Cons from Nintendo, Gulikit’s joystick replacements use something called Hall effect sensors to essentially make them drift-proof — the same technology used by Sega’s 90s-era Saturn 3D and Dreamcast controllers. As iFixit points out, the sensors use magnets to detect the joystick’s movement, which means none of the components actually rub up against each other and wear out like the sensors used on Joy-Cons do.”

Meta to Reinstate Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts (from The New York Times): “Just over two years after Donald J. Trump’s accounts were suspended from Facebook and Instagram, Meta, the owner of the platforms, said on Wednesday that it would reinstate the former president’s access to the social media services.”

Yeah, actually, your plastic coffee pod may not be great for the climate (from NPR): “Despite the hype, it’s hard to know how solid the conclusions are in the article that blew up online this week. That’s in part because the article isn’t a formal study that has been peer-reviewed, which means it hasn’t been vetted yet by other experts in the field. The article’s lead author, Luciano Rodrigues Viana, a doctoral student at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, said in an email to NPR that he hopes to release a peer-reviewed study soon.”

North Dakota weighs ban on ‘sexually explicit’ library books (from NBC News): “In addition to banning depictions of “sexual identity” and “gender identity,” the measure specifies 10 other things that library books cannot visually depict, including “sexual intercourse,” “sexual preference” and “sexual perversion,” — though it does not define any of those terms. The proposal does not apply to books that have “serious artistic significance” or “materials used in science courses,” among other exceptions.”

In parts of Ancient Greece, first-cousin marriage was not only allowed but encouraged, DNA shows (from CNN): “Stockhammer explained the significance of the discovery, saying: “With this knowledge we are basically forced to rethink the social organizations in this period and societies that were behind these amazing works of art and architecture.”

That’s all for today, but don’t worry! I’ll have more reading material for you in just a few short days! Until then, have a great rest of your week and happy reading!

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That’s a Spanking

There was a reason. Trust me.

This Is A Thing That Actually Happened: Akon needs a sex ed lesson, or at the very least, some tutoring in basic biology. Because seriously, WTF?

No, really: please explain how you can rub one out, pop it into an incubator, and in nine months–or less!–you get a brand new mini human. Because that is absolutely NOT HOW THIS WORKS.

I’m not saying that it cannot happen–It absolutely does–but it rather famously happens with females. So, sorry Akon, but you can’t just reheat your lukewarm cock-a-knock water in the nuke box and somehow it’ll magically spawn into a baby however many weeks later. Human reproduction doesn’t work like that at all. Yes, the one who has the uterus is the one growing that life. That’s pretty much how it works in placental mammals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go binge some kitten videos to bleach my brain. It’s full of enough fuckery for one day; I need some cute.

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Yeah, about that…

As I mentioned earlier, I was a bit busy on Monday. Well, not just Monday but a pretty good portion of the weekend. Friday was a Covid test–negative–and Sunday was Mi Día de Mierda if you will.

Oh yeah, colonoscopy prep is just SO MUCH FUN.

Actually, it was not fun at all.” /Morgan Freeman voice

The prep is absolutely the worst part. GaviLyte-G feels and tastes awful. It’s a sensory nightmare and multiple times I ended up gagging trying to keep it down. But no actual vomiting, praise Primus, so there’s that. No, I didn’t have any problems with the no solid food rule–I have a tendency to skip meals as it is on my days off–but draining four liters of GaviLyte-G is miserable. That’s not an exaggeration, either. Towards the end of the run, the moment I would see Prime with a full cup and a straw, my face would turn sour. Just the sensation of the liquid in my mouth was enough to make me want to cry. It was bad.

But I made it. I got through it. I don’t have to deal with this for another decade; apparently, everything looks fine in there. No polyps, just some routine “keep an eye on it and you’ll be fine” sort of stuff. So I’m good.

But that’s the major reason why I kept things fairly light the last several days. I had quite a bit going on and my anxiety was at an all time high so yeah, give it a KISS in this situation. (Keep it simple shithead, in my case.)

Yes, I’m okay. Monday was just me relaxing, recovering from everything, along with eating actual food for the first time in a day and a half. (McDonald’s lunch and dinner isn’t great, but I do enjoy their breakfast menu.) So I’m fine. But I’m really glad that I don’t need to deal with this again for a while. That’s a load off my mind.

Oh, and if you haven’t already: get your colonoscopy scheduled. The procedure itself really isn’t too bad. In my case, I slept through it. The prep is bad but once you’ve gone through that, you’ll be fine. Trust me, you got this. You’ll do great.

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Finally Done

Taking today off to rest and relax. I’ll update you tomorrow!

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

“Ebony and Ivory” by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. This song was enormously popular for years. I’m honestly surprised that it hasn’t gotten a Weird Al parody of some sort.

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Not Kitten Around

It’s been another shitty week, so let’s make it a kitty week. So here’s some Maine Coon kittens! Enjoy!

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