Happy Forge Day!

In honor of a certain someone’s Forge Day, let’s take a little trip back down nostalgia lane with some retro commercials. If that voice sounds slightly familiar, it’s because that’s none other than Dan Gilvezan, the voice of Bumblebee!

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I swear, I think I need a weekend off from this past weekend. That’s not a joke.

Saturday was ridiculous. I’m being very generous when I say that. Because to describe Saturday as an absolute shit show with a dumpster fire encore and a chaser of hot garbage juice doesn’t describe how completely shit the day was for me.

First off, I had to get up at six in the morning. We are talking about being awake at stupid o’clock, which I can’t stand. But it gets worse: although I was supposed to be working a 10 to 18:30 shift, I was asked to clock in twenty minutes early. Because we only had the opener at the door.

We opened at 9:30. There was no one scheduled for the door until 10. So there was no one on the exit door.

Needless to say, I was at the door all day. But we still needed people from the Front End to cover us for breaks and walks. It got even worse when our opener was pulled not once but twice into Optical because they needed help. Also, our opener was done around 14:30 and we had no one else coming in at all.

I mean that. We didn’t even have any one for the lot. It was just Kathy and I for the rest of the day. We had door counts of 250, 260. It was busy to the point of insanity. Then, this happened.

I had been on the exit door for around an hour. We really should have had two people there; we were extremely busy and had door counts over 200. But of course, I was alone. Just as I started backing up, a woman tried to breeze past the rest of the line. I tried to get her attention by asking her to stop. She never looked at me. She just kept walking. So I tried to catch up to her.

My shoe got caught on the bottom of the fence. I nearly fell, which caused me to scream.

That stopped her. I was able to check her receipt. But I ended up nearly having an anxiety attack and had the adrenaline shakes for about half an hour afterwards. Not to mention that I wanted to burst into tears as well.

It wasn’t a good day. Sunday was better, but we still had some stupid.

As you can imagine, Sunday morning was busy. There was a noon Packers game, so we were pretty busy pretty early. While on the exit door, Wiesia and I had a member who simply broke from the line and tried to rush past. We stopped him but he refused to let us see his receipt. At first, he said he didn’t have to let us see it. Then, he claimed that it “wasn’t our job”. Then, he accused us of accusing him of stealing.

Wiesia handled him. I had to deal with someone who said she had no receipt, said that this was the worst shopping experience of her life and left her card on my table. To that, I say: Whatever. I can’t be upset about her possibly not coming back. I’ve had to deal with one asshole too many this weekend. I’m just done.

Thankfully, I have today and tomorrow off, so I don’t have to deal with people. I’m going to spend the day playing the Switch and cuddling with Lulu. Because to hell with humans.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening and closing to Spiral Zone. I wish I could have seen this. For reasons.

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Best Foot Forward

It’s been another shitty week, so let’s make it a kitty week. So here’s some kitty feets, just because. Enjoy!

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Kneel for the Fallen Leaves Edition

1) Current mood:

2) This is your weekly reminder that #FacebookIsTrash.

3) Thought for the Week: It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s frickin’ hilarious.

4) I skipped Weekly Reader for this week. I was simply too tired and too overwhelmed to put one together. I’ll get one together for next week; this week has just been ridiculously exhausting.

5) Yesterday was beyond weird. Apparently, Wiesia caught someone at the door stealing and the guy hauled off and slammed his head against the wall. People were in absolute shit moods. I damn near had words with one of my coworkers. (If she gives me any more shit, I just might say a few choice words and to hell with the consequences.) The members were mostly fine, but a lot of my coworkers certainly had a bug up their asses. It was enough to make me question whether I should be there or not.

6) Currently, Prime and I are on The Punisher. We’ve gotten through the first season of Iron Fist and The Defenders, which were damn good, but I ended up bawling my eyes out at the end of The Defenders. Some of this stuff is pretty darn intense.

7) The good thing about the cooler weather? The damn mosquitoes are dead. May they enjoy being dead, the rotten little turds.

On that note, we’ll stop for today. But don’t fret. I’ll be back next week with more jumbled thoughts for you to try and assemble into something coherent. So until then, have a great weekend, stay safe and I’ll see you soon!

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Full Moon

Today sucked. So let’s have some cute. I’ll be back tomorrow with an actual post. Until then, see you!

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Error 404: Fucks Not Found

Mentally, I am exhausted. Today was okay, at first. Nothing too stupid. At least, not until the end of my shift.

About an hour and a half before the end of my shift, a member came in, looking for the face shields we had been selling. We don’t have any more of them; we clearanced them out weeks ago. Apparently, he needed something to cover his face. But he couldn’t wear a mask because he “couldn’t breathe” in it. He then launched into a rant about how masks were unnecessary, how we needed to get away from the Democratic party and start living in reality–I’m sorry, but aren’t we still in the middle of a global pandemic?!–and how we needed to stop wearing masks.

Thankfully, he didn’t drag me into it; I managed to assemble a face shield for him and told him it was complimentary. I also caught myself muttering how much of an asshole he was and how a doctor would pretty much tell him he was full of shit. He must have realized that I wasn’t the captive audience he had previously thought: I happened to be wearing both of my masks. So he backed off and decided to go rant at one of my more conservative coworkers.

This entire pandemic has changed me.

In the early stages, the first few months, we were dealing with people who refused to wear a mask. We had people who refused to social distance. We had members walking in with a mask, only to remove it once they were out of the view of Member Service. I personally dealt with someone who threatened to cancel her membership because she was told she had to wear a mask.

I pointed to the Membership desk and said they’d be happy to help her.

I’m tired. I’m so damn tired. Incidents like today’s don’t help, either.

Some find it in poor taste to laugh at the misfortune of people like this but I don’t. I’ve been on the receiving end of this. I’ve dealt with people who just don’t care or care too much about their “free-dumbs” or just don’t give half a shit about other people and I’m tired. Really tired.

I think I need a six month vacation from humanity. For reasons.

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Lost Orbit

I stumbled across the news while on Facebook: Jack Angel, the voice of Astrotrain, has died. He was 90.

Astrotrain wasn’t one of my favorite characters; he was a Deception and I was firmly an Autobot supporter. My main crush was Bumblebee. But my uncle managed to get a Transformer for me during Christmas and that Transformer was Astrotrain.

I started warming up to him immediately. Yes, he could be a jerk at times, but I at least had that particular jerk! Since I didn’t have a lot of Transformers when I was younger, poor Astrotrain went through a lot. He has sticker wear, chipped paint, scuffs and scratches, you name it. He’s been heavily loved.

I also was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Angel at a BotCon. We chatted; the poor man was moving and he had no idea how he had managed to accumulate so much! He was an absolute sweetheart and I’m honored to have gotten that chance to meet him.

It doesn’t feel quite real. A part of my childhood is gone. There’s another gaping hole that can’t be filled, an ache that lingers. Things seem emptier and duller around me.

Wherever you are, Mr. Angel: have a good journey. You will be missed. The world is a sadder place without you here.

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Failure to Communicate

The weekend wasn’t terrible; most of Saturday I was at the door and Sunday I split my time between the door and the front end. Since it wasn’t as busy on Sunday, things weren’t as bad up at the registers, but Saturday was ridiculously busy and had I been up front, both of my knees would have been shot.

Technically, I was probably needed a bit more at the door on Sunday, but I’m not going to complain. At least I was there to cover.

Here’s the problem: the supervisors literally have no idea how things run at the doors. They honestly think that three people are enough to cover everything. They forget about our breaks, lunches, and the hourly procedures. On top of that, we’re supposed to have two people on the exit door on the weekends. That can’t happen if we only have three people scheduled throughout the day.

I’m not kidding: management has said we need two on the exit when it’s busy. But we can’t have two people on the exit door with the way things are scheduled.

Hell, on Friday if I hadn’t mentioned to Cassi that we hadn’t done the 16:00 procedure, she would have kept me up front, which would have screwed Karen out of her break. I had to absolutely insist that I was needed, or I would have been assisting for five minutes and then sent back to the door. It’s ridiculous.

Oh, and when I’m “filling in”, the supervisors don’t want me to do any procedures. Which would be funny except I had to do the last three of them on Friday. Because I was literally the only one left who knew how to do them.

I swear, I think I understand what the hell is going on in that building better than the supervisors. Or maybe I just pay attention to shit. At this point, who knows?

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

“Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. To say this was popular in the 1980s is an understatement. Before you ask: I never saw the film in theatres. Instead, I caught it on cable much later. It was in heavy rotation for a good long while.

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