An Open Letter to Roy Moore

Dear Judge Moore,

You fucking lost. Sit down, shut up and for good measure, eat a basket of farts.



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But He Wasn’t a Good Guy

I actually found this via my Twitter feed: I Didn’t Understand Consent Until My Boyfriend Repeatedly Raped Me. Again, it’s another one of those reads that is extremely difficult, due to the subject matter. But it is worth it. However, one particular sentence hit me and it hit me hard:

Or being pushed and coerced beyond the word no, being told that your limits and comfort zones don’t matter.

Yes, that sounds familiar. This is what I dealt with when I was dating my ex. It happened every single time we were together.

“No” meant “keep asking” to my then SO. If I said I didn’t feel well or I wasn’t in the mood, he’d keep asking, keep needling, keep picking at me until I’d huff out an exasperated, “All right, all right! Just be quick about it!” Then I would grit my teeth and think of something the hell else.

If that is consent, then I have waterfront property in the Gobi Desert I can sell you for two cents an acre.

Seriously, I had zero idea what consent was or how it worked. I was never taught that if I said “No” to the guy I was dating, that was the end of the conversation. Not once did I think that I was coerced into anything sexual. He was just a “horny guy” with “boundary issues”.

“He’s Not a Bad Guy” Doesn’t Absolve Him of His Bad Actions, Tho. And really, if he couldn’t respect what I was telling him, did that really make him such a “good guy”?

It didn’t. Of course, it didn’t. He wasn’t a good guy in the least. It’s taken me a long time to realize that, to truly understand it.

I just wish I had realized this a lot sooner.

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This is pretty much what my area looks like right now; we’re getting a pretty decent amount of snow here. It isn’t terribly cold per se, but the roads are slippery and supposedly the temps will drop tonight. I don’t look forward to that at all.

Prime won’t be coming home until 19:30–7:30pm–tonight. He’ll be firing up the snowblower in order to clear the walks.

Today is one of those days that makes me feel off. There are a couple of reasons: one deals with the loss of an extended family member. The other deals with the fact that this is the birthday of my ex. Both of these anniversaries leave me feeling uneasy, disquieted.

This day seems synonymous with loss. No wonder I feel so troubled on this day.

In the small spot of good news, Doug Jones did defeat Roy Moore in the special election. There’s some good in this week. Now if only the snowplows would come by and clear the roads; it would make the day a little brighter and settle my mind.

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404: Neutrality Not Found

If you care about net neutrality, call Congress. Let them know that you care. This post has been brought to you by Break the Internet. #SaveNetNeutrality #StopTheFCC

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Morning Coffee: Cup Thirty-Five

morning_coffeeToday’s post–and good mood–is brought to you by: Dunkin’ Donuts White Chocolate Peppermint.

It’s time for the monthly Morning Coffee post, where I post some random thoughts and prove that in my case, I drink coffee and know nothing. So let’s get it on, shall we?

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening to Christmas Comes to PacLand. I do believe that’s Peter Cullen as the voice of Santa Claus. Sorry about the quality; this was the best I could find.

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Feed Us Right Meow!

It’s been a shitty week, so we’re gonna make it a kitty week. So here are a group of cats, who really, really, REALLY want to be fed. Enjoy!

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