To say that I’m tired would be an understatement; I am exhausted. I’ve been working for the last eight days straight without a break. I had no desire to get out of bed this morning and even less to go to work. When the alarm went off, my only desire was to pull the blankets over my head and go back to sleep. It took some cajoling from Prime to get me moving.

For a Wednesday, it wasn’t busy. Steady would probably be the best description. We’re still selling toys, clothes, and gift sets, among other things. Some people are now buying the ham for Christmas dinner. Others are buying the artificial Christmas trees, if they can find them. Still others are buying lights. But it almost seems that most people are done with Christmas shopping. It’s been fairly quiet now for the past week.

I’m finally off tomorrow. My plans include staying the hell in bed and playing Shining Pearl. Oh, and snuggling with Lulu and Prime. But the rest of the world can kiss my ass for a day. I’ve had enough human interaction for this month.

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Surplus to Requirements

When I was a cashier at Walmart, we really didn’t get a ton of perks. Sure, we got a ten percent discount on merchandise in the store–excluding food–but we really didn’t get much else. Our MyShare bonuses were few and far between and most of the time, they weren’t great. But we did get something right around this time of year that didn’t suck: an extra ten percent off of one item in the store.

One year, I used it to buy an actual digital camera. I had grown exhausted of taking film, batteries, and a camera to BotCon. Some years, it wasn’t awful but on the years we had to fly? It was a royal pain. I had to declare the film and get it checked by hand; it was 800 or 1000 speed. An x-ray would have ruined it. So it meant extra time in security, getting my items manhandled by someone I couldn’t trust as far as I could throw them with a bad shoulder, fractured elbow and sprained wrist. I’d had enough of that.

So, I splurged one year. I got myself a Kodak digital camera. One with a fairly good zoom and eight megapixels. It wasn’t tremendously expensive but it was expensive enough for me to hold off on making that purchase until I had the extra ten percent discount.

Not long after, I grabbed some SD cards for it, as well as some batteries and a case. I didn’t touch it until we were packing up and getting ready for BotCon.

It saw a lot of BotCons. It was one of the items that I absolutely had to have on my person when I was at the convention. It took pictures of new toys. It recorded audio during the Hasbro panel. It took videos of the dealer room while I walked around, taking in the atmosphere. I got photos of the statues in the convention center. I snapped pictures of some of the vehicles used in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I got pics of cosplayers. I took shots of the crowd, whether we were in line at the Club Store or queuing up for an autograph session. I took photos during the tours like a tourist. Whether it was in my pocket, riding in my fanny pack, or in my hand, that camera was everywhere I was during BotCon.

Some of those pictures ended up on my previous blog. I used to post what I called “Friday Photoblog”, which featured a photograph from a BotCon or some other event I attended. It was like a digital scrapbook of memories I treasured and wanted to share.

I still have the camera. It still functions. But it won’t be leaving the house anymore. Its days of attending conventions are over… Finished!

My cell phone has pretty much taken up the mantle as the “must have” electronic item. With my phone, I can take photos and videos, then upload them to my blog without having to pop an SD card into a reader on my laptop. My phone also takes up less space than the camera. It does the jobs of several different electronics and it fits in my pocket with room to spare. As much as I loved that camera, it’s become obsolete.

It’s not going anywhere, however. I’m going to keep it. There are too many memories attached to it, too much nostalgia. To get rid of it now would feel like a betrayal; it got me some wonderful photos during some of the best times in my life. Sure, I might be retiring it, but I’m not turning my back on it.

Besides, I may have to pick it up again. It’s always a good idea to have a spare, just in case.

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Future Plans

Prime mentioned a couple of nights ago that we’re not going to have a Brewers On Deck this year. We’re in the middle of a lockout. It’s not happening.

Yeah, that was a gut punch. This year was cancelled due to Covid. Next year is cancelled because of a lockout. I was honestly looking forward to next year’s event; it helps boost my spirits in ways I can’t even describe. But now it’s not going to happen.

I managed to cheer myself up by starting my preliminary BotCon planning. In the next few weeks, I’ll look for my suitcase. I’m going to clean out my messenger bag this week; I plan on using it as a toiletries bag. I have to get my box of jewelry from the cabinet. I need to sort through my shirts to find the ones I want to wear at the convention. I need to set my fanny pack aside so it can be ready. I won’t need Alexa’s bag, my camera, or a carrying case for my tablet; I have my phone and it can do pretty much the jobs of all three. I will need battery packs and charge cords, however. If I don’t have them, then my phone will be useless.

I have around two hundred hours of vacation. I’ll actually use it next year. It might not be for Brewers On Deck, but if I’m lucky, it’ll be for BotCon at the very least.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening to The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. I think I caught this on more than one occasion; Warner Bros. animation was pretty much a constant when I was a kid.

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O Cat-Mess Tree

It’s been another shitty week, so let’s make it a kitty week. So here’s a cat, exploring the Christmas tree. Enjoy!

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First Leg

I’ve made it through the first three days. I only have five more to go.

Today wasn’t terrible. My knee has been giving me a lot less trouble. I’ve been using Salonpas on it at night to help with any residual pain, so I now wake up without pain. I can actually do some of the walks now and I don’t start aching until the end of my shift. So much better than the last several weeks.

Jed had his surgery today. Apparently, he had his meniscus removed. So he’s probably out for the next month at the very least. He’s probably going to have to have some sort of physical therapy afterwards, especially if it’s his knee. So for all I know, he might be out for much longer. It’s hard to say.

Our plush throws are on sale. I’m tempted to pick up a couple extra.

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Work Daze

Today was Peg’s last day. She’s officially retired. So we’ve lost another person in Member Service. We might have lost another; Jed is apparently “no longer in the department” according to one of the supervisors. It seems he might have needed surgery, but he also said his partner had Covid–for the third time–and he missed around a week of work. He also called in for a cousin’s funeral, which supposedly was held in Utah. He’s a nice guy, but he’s absent more often than not.

On top of that, Mary and Wiesia don’t like him. They’ve been giving him absolute hell. So if he’s out of the department, it might be for the best. It certainly means less stress for him, anyway.

Managed to find out what happened to the manager who I called “Shrimp Dick”. It seems that he quit. I’m not sure why, but it strikes me as more than a little bit odd. He was originally a manager, then he stepped down to become a full time forklift driver. Then he just quit. It all happened after Prime sent that email to corporate, so I think that has everything to do with it. It certainly feels like it.

So my schedule for next week is more than a little screwed up, my days off are split, and I get a Sunday off but I’m getting forty hours. I’ll also get three days off in a row. So that’s not terrible. I just have to get through the rest of this week.

Wish me luck.

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It’s been a rough day, since it was my first day back after being sick. So, let’s have some cute. Because we could use some cute.

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Hitting the Gym(s)

Gonna tell my kids…

I’ve finally started my play through on Shining Pearl; it looks like they decided to go with the original DP storyline, meaning I have to backtrack to Hearthome City for Badge number four.

Yeah, backtracking. Thanks, I hate it.

It looks like we don’t have any Surprise Trades this time around. We have the original, somewhat convoluted story from the first games, we don’t really have the GTS, since it’s now tied to the app, making Poffins is more difficult now than before, there aren’t any new Mega Pokémon, and we can’t trade between Sword and Shield.

Don’t get me wrong: these games are fun. But they’re closed off from the others. I can understand not trading over any Pokémon that aren’t in the Galar Dex, but things like Shinx and Elekid should be okay. Now the Grand Underground is that: absolutely grand. You can actually catch Pokémon down there! So that’s been vastly improved. But it doesn’t make up for the lack of connectivity. At least, throw us a new Mega, for Arceus sake!

Again, yeah, these are fun. But they could have been a lot more. I’m hoping that Legends: Arceus makes up for this.

Prime and I watched the live action Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. It’s pretty good, but it didn’t actually hook me until the last minute of the last episode. Not going to spoil it, but that moment was worth it. (I really hope there’s a season two.)

Thanksgiving was quiet; I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home. I’m just now feeling better and can actually talk; whatever I had gave me awful laryngitis. Yeah, it hasn’t been fun over here. Really glad I felt decent enough to put together the posts I did or I might have skipped.

We’ve been getting snow, but it hasn’t been sticking around. That’s going to change, I’m afraid. I’m not looking forward to it.

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Rumor Has It…

One hopes.

IDW might be losing Transformers in 2022.

“Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con 2021: Special Edition, there was plenty to talk about the state of the comic book industry as it stands, as well as the many moves that have been happening of late and will be happening in the very near future. And as big publishers chose not to attend the show, it meant that there was much less management of the information that flowed. One such nugget was the news that IDW Publishing, based just up the road in San Diego, is to lose their licence to produce comic books based on the Transformers franchise from Hasbro.”

I really don’t know if this is going to happen. IDW has been knocking it out of the park for Transformers; I don’t know of any other publishers who could do the same. It’s possible, but me personally? I just don’t see it.

Again, this is rumor right now. We don’t have anything concrete. So it’s best to wait and see.

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