On the Run

Toilet paper.
Paper towels.
Disinfectant wipes.
Fresh chicken breasts.

There have been runs on these. We’re out of Charmin. Kirkland Signature paper towels and toilet paper have been out for the last two days. Although we have plenty of bottled water, I’m expecting a sudden run on that, and we’ll be forced to limit purchases again. The same with meat purchases.

I have a decent amount of staples at home; I managed to pick up a few things yesterday. I have no idea if I’ll have a chance to do that again. The weather may be turning bad. We’re getting a mix of snow and rain right now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the walk anytime soon. But Prime and I can stop for groceries after work, if needed. I should be all right.

People are in touchy moods; some are pleasant, others aren’t. The Bakery had been doing their all night bake-a-thons, trying to keep up with the demand for pumpkin pies. We’ve been selling a lot of fresh turkeys. I don’t think a lot of people in this area are going to follow our governor’s advise and limit family gatherings. So we’ll have yet another spike in Covid cases.

I’m exhausted. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I am exhausted. I just want to go home, curl up under the blankets, and sleep. Either that, or snuggle with Lulu and play Pokémon Sword. But I don’t want to be here. I just want to be at home. It’s safer there.

If I thought my SAD was bad in previous years, it’s going to be off the charts this year. I am not looking forward to this.

Also, I’m going to need to see some terms and conditions before accepting 2021; this shit is getting out of hand.

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So keep your ass covered.

Saturday night, as Prime and I were heading home, I snapped. Sitting in Skids, on the overpass, heading back from town, I burst into tears. I couldn’t stop myself.

The second Prime noticed,he asked me what was wrong. It took me a few tries, but I was able to tell him.

We had been especially busy that day, as it was the start of the gun deer season. So the guys were out hunting and the wives decided to go shopping. Now, the fact that we were so busy wasn’t a problem. It was what an entire group of people did that upset me.

We had a fairly large group of people walk in, all wearing masks. Once they got away from the door and into the warehouse itself, they all proceeded to take off the masks and shop.

You are reading that correctly. Thankfully, some other members saw them, told management and management took care of the situation.

When this got back to me, I was beyond angry. Hell, for the rest of the day, I was so upset I couldn’t see straight. And on the way home, it all came to a head, causing me to breakdown.

It’s not enough that these people are flouting the rules. They are now going out of their way to actively endanger lives and they don’t care. They literally don’t care.

If there’s one thing to be said about this pandemic, it’s this: this has exposed so many for the base metal they are.

None of it has been good.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening to Matlock. I dimly remember this being on the television at my great-grandmother’s apartment. She watched it and China Beach quite a bit.

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Cut the Crap

It’s been another incredibly shitty week, so let’s make it a kitty week. So here’s some cats, leaving a deposit. Enjoy!

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Second Verse, Same As the First

It’s happening again. We’re running out of toilet paper. Paper towels are hard to find. We have plenty of bottled water now, but I’m expecting a run on that as well.

It’s another round of panic buying. I don’t expect this to end any time soon.

Our governor has extended the mask mandate; it doesn’t expire until next January. Costco has tightened the mask policy, requiring masks or face shields for almost anyone who enters the building. Some members aren’t happy about it but there’s nothing they can do about it.

It’s going to be a long winter.

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Fuck This Year. I’m Out.

Kirby Morrow has died. He was the voice of Rad in Transformers: Armada and the dub voice of Miroku in Inyasha, as well as Cyclops on X-Men Evolution. He was 47.

I can’t even with this year. Just when things start looking better…

Fuck this. I’m going to bed. I want to forget that this Dumpster fire of a year even happened.

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A Night Out

Prime and I have errands to run, so here’s a kitty video for you to enjoy. Catch everyone tomorrow!

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Hel and High Water

Please, please, please, PLEASE be Loki…

Ugh. Just ugh.

Yesterday, I was heading downstairs, a bag of trash in my hand when my right knee, the one that’s been stiff for the past several weeks, popped.

Only, this wasn’t a pop. This was more like a snap. A very sharp snap. Which hurt like hell.

I had a good grip on the banister, which was helpful; if I hadn’t, I probably would have fallen. I also let loose a screech of ear piercing proportions which disturbed poor Lulu.

I’m still not sure how, but I got down the stairs, got the trash to the door and managed to get back upstairs again. But walking was anything but fun at that point. It doesn’t help that my right leg is my dominant one; I lead with my right when I start walking anywhere. I had to force myself to use my left leg as the lead. It wasn’t easy.

This morning, the bastard was still sore, so I called in to work. I’d rather take an unexpected day than end up having to deal with a leave of six weeks due to an injury.

It’s feeling better now. I’m still going to take it easy. I don’t want to piss anything off too much. If I do, I should be okay to work on Thursday.

What a great week this is shaping up to be. Go me. 😦

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Solid Dick: Something to Chew On Edition

I found this on Facebook, of all places; it’s quite the read if you have time. But if you don’t want to peruse Reddit, here’s the post:

My boyfriend Jake and I have been dating for a year. He comes from a wealthy family while I don’t, and he is very particular about money. Early in our relationship he told me that we shouldn’t give each other gifts that cost over $50 and he doesn’t like dining in expensive restaurants because he says he doesn’t want our relationship to be based on material things and we should focus on saving for the future. I easily agreed because I’m not with him to be given expensive gifts or be wined and dined daily, and I thought it was a great that he wanted to save for the future.

What I didn’t expect is that he would never even ask me to have dinner in a nice restaurant. It was either fast food, a local place (we always split the bill) or for special celebrations he would cook for me himself and we’d have a meal in his apartment. There’s nothing wrong with that, but even just on special occasions, I wish we could go somewhere nice. I get that fine dining is something Jake is used to because of his family, but it’s not the norm for me so of course I’m excited to try an upscale restaurant once in a while. He tells me that they’re just overpriced and serve so little food anyway, and the only times he has agreed to go with me are the times when I told him that I would foot the bill for both of us.

I had a tough week at work last week and I really wanted to treat myself this weekend, so when I learned that an upscale restaurant I’ve wanted to try just re-opened, I thought it was a great idea to have dinner there. I’m not swimming in money right now because of unexpected expenses due to the pandemic, so I’m not that excited to be paying for two since I know that Jake wouldn’t go if he had to pay for himself much less both of us. So I asked my friend Tom, who I know also wants to try that restaurant, if he wants to have dinner there and we can go Dutch. He said yes.

When I told Jake that I was going to have dinner at that restaurant with Tom, he got angry and said I should’ve asked him. I told him that I had no reason to believe that he would have a different answer for me because I’ve asked him to eat at nice restaurants six times in the past and he always says no. The two times he has said yes were after I assured him that I would pay for both of us, and I don’t want to pay for two right now. He told me that if I think $150 is too expensive to spend at a restaurant, then why do I think that it’s alright to spend $75. He says I should just save that money anyway.

Am I the asshole?

Now, most are saying they need more information, but the general direction seems to be “not the asshole”. For obvious reasons.

My Response:

This will never not be funny.

Okay, you’re going to want to take a good, long, hard look at this relationship, because if this is the standard operating procedure, you’re going to want to ask yourself if you want to stay with this guy. He’s perfectly fine spending your money. He’s perfectly fine with you spending your money on him. But he balks when it’s time for him to spend any of his money on you.

Yeah, this could be a major problem.

Let me tell you a story: in my senior year of high school, I was dating my ex. I had no job, no real allowance, and no real way to get any money of my own. So buying presents for my ex was extremely difficult.

When Valentine’s Day rolled around, my ex wanted a copy of Adventure Island 2 for his Game Boy, a silver Transformers G2 Grimlock, and the usual box of candy. I asked for a G2 Optimus Prime. That was literally all I wanted.

Now, what I wanted was around $30 (US). The ex’s wishlist was at least forty. What he wanted was more expensive but I sucked it up and dealt with it.

Don’t ask me how, but I got everything he wanted. Then came the stinger.

My ex had spent seven dollars on me: he purchased a cheap necklace from a drug store, a small box of candy that held three pieces, and a card. When he told me that no, he hadn’t gotten what I had really wanted, I was livid. I had skipped meals to save money. I had scraped coins together. I basically sacrificed to get him what he wanted, thinking he’d do something similar. After all, he had a job, had plenty of money in his checking account and paid no bills. He’d be willing to do this for me, right?

Wrong. What I wanted was too expensive and he didn’t have that kind of money. Besides, I should have been grateful for what I did get.

This happened constantly. He was willing to buy the latest SNES game but lunch was at Taco Bell and our orders were separate. Going to dinner at an actual sit down restaurant? It happened once and we were with his mother and one of her friends who quite frankly, I didn’t care for at all. To this day, I feel seriously uncomfortable at a Chinese restaurant. I’m not kidding.

I went through five years of that. He found reasons to open his wallet if it benefited him but he wouldn’t if it was for me. New games, action figures and the like for thee, but not me. I’m not kidding.

This will be your life. It will not be fun. Your SO will grind you down, make you feel guilty for actually having a good time with money he feels should have been spent on him, and he’ll make so many excuses as to why it’s a terrible idea to spend HIS money.

Doesn’t sound fun, does it? Because it’s not. Trust me, it’s absolutely not.

You can try talking to him about it, but I seriously doubt that anything will change. So it’s probably best for you to really think about this relationship. Is this a minor thing? Can you deal with it? Or is this just part of some other problems that are bothering you? In other words: Is this a deal breaker?

Now, in my case, it wasn’t just the fact that my ex was cheap. There were a lot of other things, culminating in him cheating on me. But it was a problem. It’s also one of the reasons why I’m glad we’re not together anymore. So you might want to do yourself a favor and take a break from this guy. Give yourself some time and space to clear your head, then see how things go. In the meantime, I wouldn’t open my wallet for this guy. I think he can take care of himself, if you know what I mean.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening and closing to Sealab 2020. Yes, this show was originally very serious; [adult swim] basically redubbed it as a parody of itself.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is John Stephenson listed among the vocal credits. (He was a dear, sweet man.)

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