Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening and closing credits for Danger Mouse, which was pretty popular back in the day on Nickelodeon. I only caught it on occasion.

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In Sync

It’s been a shitty week, so we’ll make it a kitty week. So here are a some cats, who are engaged in synchronized bird watching. Enjoy!

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Letters to Sammy: Crisis of Conscience

Dear Sammy,

Here we are, going into our second month without you. It’s gotten a little bit easier, though I still stop when I think I hear you jumping off the bathroom counter or opening up a cabinet drawer. There have been mornings when I thought I heard you, meowing to be fed. Those days, those mornings, were rough. Your dad has been through a couple of them as well; I can see that it bothers him, just by the look in his eyes. It bothers me, too. Then, there was what happened on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, as I was walking to work, I decided that I would take a look around the local Petco, just to see what sort of canned cat foods they might have. It was just a spur of the moment sort of thing, nothing more. I entered the store and spotted the adoption spot near the front. In both kennels was a cat. The cat in the top kennel saw me, looked me in the face and meowed.

Of course, I had to walk over. I gave the cat a scratch. The cat nuzzled my fingers. I started to talk to the cat. The cat licked my fingers. I laughed. The cat began to play with my hair. Then, I looked at the placard on the front of the kennel.

She had your name, Sammy. It was then I had to fight the tears. Even worse? I had to fight the urge to take her home.

I wouldn’t mind having another cat. I just don’t know if the time is right.

The thing is that I’m not entirely sure that I’m ready to welcome a new family member. The urge is there, but it’s tempered by my ever present feelings of grief. I’m still grieving for you, Sammy. Although I can now look back on the good times and laugh, I still cry over you. I still miss you. And I can’t help but wonder if I’ll always miss you.

But if I know you, you’d think I was stupid for wallowing in my depression. You’d do something to distract me. If we had adopted another cat and you were still here, I’m pretty sure that you’d have let the “young’un” know that you were in charge, then you would have been fine. I can’t help but think that you’d want us to save another kitty, give someone else a home.

You’d probably want us to carry on, move past this. You never did like it when either me or your dad was upset. That was just how you were.

It’s going to take me some time, but I hope I’ll open up to the idea of getting another cat. But not just yet.



P.S. If your dad spots a “we need to move so free cat to good home” ad on his work intranet and doesn’t jump, I may have yell at him. For reasons.

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Weekly Reader: Vol 1 Issue 11

Welcome to the latest edition of Weekly Reader, where I share interesting links and articles from across the internet. Got something of your own that you want to share? Have a really cool, insightful blog post that you’re proud of and want to get noticed? Or did you find something in your local newspaper that you feel like passing along? Drop a link in the comments!

Scarlett Johansson To Play a Transgender Man in New Movie ‘Rub & Tug’ (from Vice): “The problem with this entire situation should be immediately apparent. The practice of casting cisgender actors as trans people perpetuates the idea that trans people, somehow, are pretending to be something they aren’t; that being trans is inherently an act or performance.”

Fake Pregnancy Centers Popping Up Across The Country Pose A Serious Threat To Black Mothers (from Essence): “By some estimates, there are nearly 3,000 of these fake clinics across the United States.Adrienne Kimmell, NARAL Pro-Choice America’s vice-president of communications, says these crisis centers are intentionally positioning themselves in or around Black neighborhoods.”

Trans in the South: Meet Kids Finding Acceptance in the Bible Belt (from the Rolling Stone): “The warm welcome Allie has gotten in southern Alabama was a far cry from the chilly reception the family received at her former New Hampshire elementary school. Her transition from male to female at the age of six was begrudgingly tolerated at best, Kimberly says.”

Stop Tone Policing My Outrage at This Presidency (from John Pavlovitz): “This is the very height of irony: people who’ve spent eighteen months repeatedly glossing over or excusing or rationalizing away the most toxic, offensive, vulgar behavior and language—now greatly disturbed by a perceived lack of decorum.”

The case against civility in the battle against Trump (from the Chicago Tribune): “Whether or not Trump supporters are deplorable — which Clinton defined as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic (and) Islamophobic” in her famous accusation, as those who wear that badge proudly should recall — most of them are certainly unshakable. The task for Democrats isn’t to try to win them over with niceness or compromise, but to try to fire up their own base with attention-getting demonstrations of fury and resolve.”

Terry Crews Details His Sexual Assault in Powerful Testimony to Senate (from Vulture): “In reporting his assault, Crews said, “I heard time and time again about the rights that my predator had, but I was never told about the rights I had as a survivor. That was the wake-up call. I knew I had to be part of what was happening here today in regard to the Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights.” He added, “If you know what you can do, you can actually do something about it.””

The Red Hen Affair: Demands for ‘civility’ are almost always aimed at shutting down free speech (from the Los Angeles Times): “The targets of free speech never think it’s constructive or respectful. Quite the contrary. “Civility” is the biggest weasel word of all, commonly invoked by those promoting the most uncivil viewpoints and policies.”

Marginalized People Are Not Responsible For Ending Our Own Oppression (from the Huffington Post): “However, there are those who say reading articles isn’t enough. Some, like YouTube talk show host Dave Rubin, say that the only way to break out from an echo chamber is to have a civil conversation with someone who disagrees with you on everything. It sounds good on paper, but for many people, there’s a risk of exposing ourselves to vicious personal attacks on our humanity. What is meant to be an honest discussion about social justice can quickly turn into another example of the onus being put on marginalized people to end our own oppression.”

The Day My Dad Kicked Me Out For Being Gay Changed My Life Forever (from the Huffington Post): “Within 48 hours my bags were packed. I looked back from the driveway, some part of me hoping my father would see my terror and change his mind. He didn’t. His arms were crossed across his chest like a shield, unbudging, even as my stepmother pulled at him, tears streaming down her face, saying, “He’s your only son. Don’t do this.” But it was a military household, and what he commanded was final. It was done.”

And that’s all for now. Stop by again next week where I’ll have different stories to share. Until next week, happy reading!

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All Star, No Class

While Prime and I were taking in a viewing of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the All Star Game was taking place. You can imagine how surprised we were–trust me, we weren’t–when we found out after the movie that the AL won it in 10 innings. What we didn’t know was about Josh Hader’s performance, which was less than stellar, and the resulting fallout.

Somebody combed through Hader’s Twitter feed. All of it. Which meant that they found six to seven year old tweets that were racist, homophobic, and in one case, downright sexist.

There are fans defending this behavior, saying that “everyone does dumb things as a kid”. If it had been one or two tweets, I might be a bit more forgiving. But these were multiple. So unless Hader went from brain farts to full on brain death, I can’t defend this. Yes, he’s a Brewer. Yes, he’s one of my guys. But as I’ve often said, no one is above reproach. If someone screws up, they need to be held accountable. So yes, his behavior on Twitter was inexcusable. Instead of making his tweets protected, he should step up, own this, and do better. Will it be easy? No. But it’s the right thing to do and sometimes doing the right thing sucks. The right thing isn’t always the easy thing. But if you want to make amends, it needs to be done.

No, I’m not happy. This is the second time that I’ve had to rake one of my Brewers over the coals. (The first time was Matt Garza.) It sucks. It absolutely sucks. But I would be no better than some of the fans out there, turning a blind eye to this. I can’t do that.

Do better, Josh. Learn from this and do better.

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Seeing Double

Since I was working a 9:00 to 14:00 today, I had the chance to head out and catch a couple of movies. It’s Tuesday, which means five dollar tickets, so I took advantage. We’ll call it a double feature Tuesday, if you will. Below are my brief reviews of what I saw; they will be spoiler free, for your reading pleasure.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: This one was a documentary about Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. If you’re my age, you probably grew up watching the show, so this is a nice trip down Nostalgia Lane. One part sweet and sentimental, but with a nice dash of wicked humor. If you get the chance, see it. This one is not to be missed. You are warned, however: if you’re not a fan of State Television–AKA Fox News–you like them a lot less after a viewing of this film. Also, WBC makes a brief appearance and will leave an extremely sour taste in your mouth. Lastly, stay through the credits, as within the first few minutes there is a brief, but extremely important appearance and scene that quite frankly, brought me to tears.
Final verdict: **** 1/2 stars out of five.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Picking up two years after the events of Captain America: Civil War, this film deals with the consequences of what happened while Scott Lang was in Germany. Without giving too much of the plot away, there are repercussions of those actions that affect not only Scott, but also Hank Pym, and Hope van Dyne. We’re also introduced to a new villain–Ghost–who can phase through matter. The way Ghost gains these powers is tragic; you can understand the motivations behind this villain’s actions. There is a lot of action, a good dose of humor and enough pathos to keep everything interesting. Oh, and since this is a Marvel movie, you have to stay during the credits. It’s very important that you do. Though you may be a little upset about things afterward.
Final verdict: **** 1/2 stars out of five.

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Letters to Sammy: 30 Days of Endless Night

Dear Sammy,

It’s officially been thirty days since we lost you. An entire month. On one hand, it feels like an eternity. On the other, it feels like yesterday. In either case, it doesn’t feel all that great.

I’ve been doing some research as of late; I don’t know if it’s making me feel better or worse. Your reactions on that last Friday, how you just kept in your crate and wouldn’t move, that wasn’t like you. Did you know, Sammy? Did you have an idea that this was the last time you’d simply stay in your crate? Did you know that whatever was sickening you, that whatever you had, was terminal?  Because I read up on how dying cats react, how they seclude themselves from people.

That was what you were doing. You were keeping away from me.

Reading that broke my heart. I didn’t want you to suffer or feel pain. All I wanted was to help you fight. But I wonder if I wasn’t making things worse, putting you through all that treatment, syringe feeding you, shoving pills down your throat. I was trying to help. I really hope you understand that. I think you did, but you did let me know that you found it all irritating; I can still remember those short, frustrated sighs of yours. You didn’t fight me, you didn’t nip at me, you just sighed.

I also think I know what you had: you were part Siamese. Siamese cats are at a higher risk for developing cancer. Your genetics betrayed you, just like mine have tried to betray me.

It sucks, having your body decide that it wants you dead. Because you don’t want that. You didn’t ask for it. But it’s out of your control.

Again, if I had known, I would have done something. But I don’t know if it would have helped. I just wish that I could have done something different, maybe given you a better chance to fight this.

It’s still pretty warm and the humidity is ridiculous. I don’t like summer anymore; I can’t cook anything and walking makes me break out in a flop sweat. It’s bad, Sammy. I was never like this before. Remember when I enjoyed the heat and laughed at humidity? Well, I am not laughing now.

I can remember you and not burst into tears. That’s a bit of progress. Your dad seems to be getting better as well, but he still misses you. I think he’d give just about anything to have you swipe one of his sardines or take a mouthful of his tuna. He’d probably let you have the entire can, just so he could pet you again. I know I would.



P.S. It’s almost time for SDCC. I can’t say that I care right now.

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