Here is a Creepy Thing

Wal-Mart wants to come to your house… and load your groceries in the fridge. Seriously.

On Friday, the retail giant announced a partnership with August Home, a smart-lock startup, that would allow a delivery person to enter customers’ orders and put groceries away in their refrigerators.

How about no. Because this sounds like the start of a Charles Bronson film. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, allowing a total stranger you don’t know walk into your house and have access to your possessions?
Might be for some of you out there, but I think I’ll skip this service, thanks.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The intro to Inhumanoids. I don’t think that this aired in my region all that often.

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Post HasCon Thoughts

Prime and I met up with a friend of ours this afternoon/evening. We spent some time, shooting the breeze about various things and naturally, the subject of HasCon popped up. Here’s where things get interesting, to say the very least.

Word from Hasbro seems to be that they aren’t exactly sure if they want to hold this trade show/convention on an annual basis. If anything, this may be every two or three years. Which means if they are shooting for that sort of schedule, the chances of this being outside of Rhode Island are next to none.

I was pissed. Hell, I was beyond pissed. For pretty obvious reasons. If I was uncertain about attending before, this little tidbit puts the final nail in the coffin. There is no way in hell that I will ever step foot on an airplane to head to this. Hasbro can kiss my skidplate on this one. It’s bad enough I lost BotCon but to then to has Hasbro say, “Do this thing every year? Nah, we ain’t gonna do that…” is the last straw. I gave Hasbro a chance but that’s done.

It gets better. Sort of. Or something.

HasCon may be involved in some legal proceedings, as well as Stan Lee. It seems Mr. Lee agreed to only make appearances in that area with the Rhode Island Comic Con. Appearing at HasCon might have been a breach of his contract and things might get a bit litigious here. We’ll see.

Oh and as for the VIP bags? The bronies were fawned over while the Joe fans were ignored. Bronies got a swag bag that was stuffed full. Joe fans? Oh, here’s an extra exclusive with some extra figures. That’s all you guys get.

We all agreed: we want BotCon back. HasCon was meant more for the younger crowd and we want our Old Farts Convention. We want our family reunion. Hell, we really don’t even need exclusives; just a decent dealer room and we’re golden.

Prime and I might hit up JoeCon or Pete’s Robo Con. Something smaller, a little less crazy. Let’s be honest here; if I want to go to SDCC, I’ll go to SDCC, not Hasbro’s take on SDCC. But that’s just me.

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But I’m Not Tired…

It’s been another shitty week, so we’re turning it into a kitty week. So here’s a purring kitten, who is trying not to fall asleep. Enjoy!

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Happy Fall

It’s the autumn equinox. Summer is officially over. If the leaves in your area haven’t started turning, they should begin soon enough. Now it’s time to pull out the sweaters and flannel and enjoy hot chocolate and pumpkin spice everything again.

Enjoy these weeks before winter arrives. Trust me, the snow will be here soon enough.

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My Idea of Clubbing

It’s our anniversary, so Prime and I are spending it the best way possible. At a ballpark, of course. It’s the annual Timber Rattlers rummage sale today, so we’re here, buying baseball themed items and getting ready to catch the Cubs/Brewers game at the Fox Club. So for this anniversary, I get me some diamonds.

Baseball diamonds. The best kind of diamonds in the world. And I get to spend time with my husband and best friend. Nothing could be better than that.

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Eight Years

Eight years ago today, I married my best friend. And I’d happily do it all over again. I love you, Prime. Now, always, forever. Don’t ever forget that. ❤

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