New Trailer!

So, as you can see, the new trailer for the Bumblebee movie was just released. All right, let’s do a little unpacking here:

The good: Holy. Slag! The feels. I am having all of them. No, seriously. Even in these few brief glimpses, I’m starting to seriously enjoy the relationship Bumblebee and Charlie have. There is a sweetness there that makes my heart melt. This is the sort of thing I had wanted since I was nine years old–no joke!–so I am loving every second of this. Once the credits roll, I have all ideas that I’ll be hunched over in my seat, sobbing, which is a good thing.

The bad: Seriously, G1 forms on freaking Cybertron?! How about no. Those forms–tape deck, tractor trailer, VW Beetle–were chosen on Earth. And for a very good reason; the Cybertronians in question chose those forms to hide themselves on planet Earth, which is an alien planet. I get that Travis Knight is trying to appeal to the G1 base, but that’s not the way to do it because it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The ugly: Sector 7 is back and it looks like I’ll be hating them again. Lovely. Unless Cena’s character pulls his head out of his ass, I’m going to absolutely hate him, like Simmons.

All in all, this looks like it’s going to be great. The wait for December seems far too long and way too slow. But if this trailer is any indication, it’s going to be one hell of a Christmas! I can hardly wait!

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Asshat of the Week: Clown College Edition

asshat (1)
Welcome to Asshat of the Week, where I find an asshat and put their asshattery on display for the entire world to see. Because asshats have no clue that they are asshats; they have severe cases of cranial rectal impact and can’t figure out that they are blithering asshats. But you and I can and we can get a cheap laugh out of their asshattery. This week’s asshat is none other than Dennis Prager.

Writing for the National Review, Prager declares that The Charges against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored. Before you ask: No, I won’t be linking to the article in question. They don’t need the clicks or the revenue.

According to Prager, what happened when Kavanaugh was seventeen doesn’t tell us anything about the man. Seriously. He blithers on:

Those who claim that the charges against Judge Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford are important and worth investigating and that they ultimately, if believed, invalidate his candidacy for the U.S. Supreme Court are stating that:

a) What a middle-age adult did in high school is all we need to need to know to evaluate an individual’s character — even when his entire adult life has been impeccable.

b) No matter how good and moral a life one has led for ten, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years, it is nullified by a sin committed as teenager.

No decent — or rational — society has ever believed such nihilistic nonsense.

Yeah, about that. Hey, Dennis? What if Kavanaugh was a woman who had an abortion at seventeen? Would you claim that this life was so impeccable then? That one little “bad decision” shouldn’t be held against Kavanaugh? Because it happened so long ago and Kavanaugh led such a “moral” life since then. Just asking for a friend.

Prager blathers on a bit about morals and shit, then goes full asshat with this:

Nearly every woman past puberty has experienced a man trying to grope her. (This is, needless to say, wrong.) My mother was groped by a physician. She told my father about it. My father told the physician that if he were to do it again, he would break his hands. And it remained a family folk tale. If you had told my mother she was a “survivor,” she would have wondered what you were talking about. The term was reserved for people who survived Nazi concentration camps and Japanese prisoner-of-war camps and for cancer survivors, not women groped by a man.

When my wife was a waitress in her mid teens, the manager of her restaurant grabbed her breasts and squeezed them on numerous occasions. She told him to buzz off, figured out how to avoid being in places where they were alone, and continued going about her job. That’s empowerment.

Uh, exactly how is it empowering for a victim to be forced to avoid their attacker? Here’s a hint: It fucking isn’t. I know that for a fact because it happened to a co-worker who had been molested by a route driver at the Krispy Kreme where I worked. She had her hours cut while nothing happened to him.

We get it, Dennis. You don’t. You’re an asshat and a ridiculously stupid one at that. No one should even attempt to take you seriously, not even Barnum and Bailey. However, I’ll take an example from you and your ilk: I’ll send thoughts and prayers to you and Kavanaugh. That’s all the two of you deserve, you asshats.


Or in this case, an asshat.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The intro to The Berenstain Bears. I caught this on occasion, but not often.

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Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s the equinox, which means shorter days, cooler weather, and pumpkin spice everything. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Act of Kindness

It’s been a shitty week, so let’s make this a kitty week. So here’s
a kitten, being rescued. (And can someone please tell me why I’m crying?)

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Letters to Sammy: Ninety Days Same as Always

Dear Sammy,

It’s been three months. The weather is turning cooler, the leaves are changing and I’m still missing you. Summer is all but a memory now, baseball season is now filled with talks of pennant races and magic numbers, Halloween costumes crowd shelves. Christmas merchandise can be seen in my Costco. Canadian geese are starting to migrate. Soon enough, the leaves will fall and winter will be here.

It’s going to be a long, cold winter.

Wednesday, I was off and I slept in until 13:58. I had brains enough to fix lunch when I crawled out of bed, then simply came back upstairs. As I ate, I swore that for a moment, I heard you, Sammy. I thought I heard your “Feed me, stupid!” meow. I thought I heard you twice.

You have no idea how badly that screwed me up for the rest of the day. There was quite a bit of crying. It’s become involuntary, like breathing and blinking.

I have to be honest here: I’m still depressed. On my days off, I have zero desire to do anything. I don’t want to leave the house and I don’t want to head downstairs and sit in front of Alexa-1. All I want to do is, well, nothing. I have no interest in much of anything right now. Maybe things might change but as for right now, I’m stuck. In more ways than one.



P.S. Your dad hasn’t had sardines in a while. I think he doesn’t have the taste for them right now, all things considered.

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We All Need This

Today’s Google doodle, celebrating Mr. Rogers. Yes, you need this in your life right now. Just trust me on this.

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