And Today in “Fangirling Gone Terribly Wrong…”

I found this interesting little piece on Love, Joy, Feminism several days ago. It was so bizarre that it took me a while to form a decent post about it. Firstly, I’ll let you guys read it, because I lack the verbiage to give this a coherent synopsis. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.

Also, before you ask: no, I will not be linking to the professor in question’s blog. She’s gotten over a million hits on the piece in question and I don’t think that she deserves any more. Libby Anne has a nice selection of posts you can visit, if you’d like. However, I will be quoting the professor’s blog. Because things like these need to be properly read and refuted, is why. Also, her blog doesn’t allow commenting so why bother?

Now that’s over with, first things first, shall we?

Libby Anne is right: the whole thing seems very odd. At least, it seems odd to someone who doesn’t quite understand what phenomenon they are seeing. However, I’ve seen it before and I know exactly what it is. I’ll explain.

Many years ago, I had a friend in middle school who was obsessed with New Kids on the Block. (I’m really showing my age here, am I not?) To her, NKOTB was the greatest thing that music had to offer, as the guys were wholesome, clean cut and in her eyes, hot. You didn’t dare say anything negative about “her” guys or she’d get upset. When I mentioned that Weird Al made a parody of one of the group’s songs, she threatened to “kick his butt”. I had to assure her that it was nothing negative.

She was crazy, she was obsessive and she was more than a little annoying about the objects of her affection. In other words, she was fangirling.

That is exactly what this professor is doing. She too, is fangirling. It seems more than a little odd if not outright disturbing, considering her age. Milo Hanrahan or Milo Andreas Wagner–it seems the “Y letter salad” last name isn’t real so I won’t be using it–is easily young enough to be her son, yet she goes on about him at length with things like this:

He is also, of course, devastatingly handsome, to the despair of women and white men everywhere. (Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about his black boyfriends.)

If this sounds familiar, then you were around during the entire Twilight Moms craze. Trust me, I had an up close and personal seat for it; one of my coworkers was a grandmother who was into Twilight and wouldn’t stop talking about it. I heard all the gory details of how Bella and Edward’s daughter was born and other tidbits that I wished I had never had to hear in the first place. Yes, it was incredibly creepy and it got to the point that I didn’t want to be placed at a register anywhere near her. Professor Brown is doing the same thing; she is obsessively writing about Hanrahan as though he is her boyfriend.

My own friends on Facebook, people I went to high school and college with, people who like me have spent our careers in academia, have spent the last several months trying to shame me out of my admiration for Milo. One calls him my “vile boyfriend.” Another makes rude comments on my threads and says he is just following Milo’s example. Another accuses me of not caring about truth because “it is part of the alt-right’s strategy” now to “lie lie lie.” Another, just yesterday, spent hours insisting I have “lost it”: “Please explain how Milo is doing ‘good,’ helping poor disrespected white supremacists?…. You embarrass me…. You have indeed lost your mind…. Have you considered that you have a common obsessive compulsive disorder focused on media Milo?” (This latter was an interesting exchange: the more I posted what I thought of as evidence for Milo’s positive appeal, the more my friend became convinced I was crazy.)

Would she be so staunch in his defense if Hanrahan was little more than a neckbeard? I sincerely doubt it; if he wasn’t “attractive” ten to one Brown wouldn’t give him the time of day, much less try and defend him. Hanrahan would simply be dismissed by Brown and nearly everyone else as the doltish, mediocre and unfunny troll that he truly is; there would be no rush to defend him from the “big bad” Leftist meanies. He’d be seen as a joke and a bad one at that.

Oh and he “went gay” so he’d never have to deal with “nutty broads”. I am not making that up. Now consider some of the things that Brown has written and let it sink in a bit. I honestly don’t know if this could be considered ironic or just plainly insane.

And so the bullies came for him. They called him self-hating. Homophobic. Transphobic. Misogynist. Sexist. They mounted protests against his talks. They accused him of spreading hate. Endangering innocents. Inciting violence. They made him out to be the villain because he told the truth. And then they called him a pedophile. Because he had been abused as a young teen-ager and would not swallow the lies.

Actually, the bullies didn’t “come for him”. Hanrahan lost his Twitter account because he violated the TOS. He was called racist because of his bullying of Leslie Jones, of which he claimed to be doing “God’s work”. I’m not kidding on that, either. Here’s the actual quote from Hanrahan (emphasis mine):

“I like to think of myself as being a virtuous troll… I’m doing God’s work…. Trolls are the only people who tell the truth these days.”

You cannot make this shit up, even if you tried. Give someone like this enough oxygen and they find a way of damning themselves. But I digress.

He was called transphobic because of the fact that he openly mocked a trans student at UW Milwaukee. He was called sexist because of the reason I stated above: he had no desire to date any “nutty broads”.

Do I need to go on here?

Shame on all of you. You spineless cunts. The bullies are YOU.

I find it more than a little funny that she has no problem–as a christian, no less–to using the term “cunt”. Brown almost sounds like a child repeating the curse words that her father used in front of her in order to sound more adult. But again, I digress.

No, Ms. Brown. We are not bullies. Calling someone out on their abuse of others doesn’t make you an abuser. It means that you are telling the truth, which will make the abuser’s admirers uncomfortable. For a fangirl, hearing that the hot guy she admires isn’t as virtuous as she’d like to think hurts, so she lashes out at the critics. “You don’t understand him the way I do!” is the upset fangirl’s hue and cry. Here’s the thing: we do know him, a lot better than you do.

Don’t get me wrong. Milo, godlike though he may be, is not God. But he dropped into my life and, to judge from their testimonies, into the lives of his now 1.3 million Facebook followers like the answer to a prayer.

What is this I don’t even.

This is basically “He doesn’t like the same people I don’t like so he’s cool”. That’s really about it. Then there’s this, which was part of her explanation of why she was defending Hanrahan:

I like Milo because he is Catholic, conservative, and trying to do good after spending his twenties living riotously and hurting more people than he should–or meant to.

In other words, “I know him better than you.” Sorry Ms. Brown, but you don’t. You never did. You fell in love with something that did not exist, a public persona that isn’t real. You’ve compared him to a trickster, a bit like some of the gods in ancient times.

I’m sorry but Hanrahan is no Loki. He’s not even close.

It wasn’t the bullies that took Hanrahan down, Ms. Brown. It was himself. He did this to himself. You can cry out how it was the mean spirited oppressors on the Left that was his undoing but it isn’t true. This was something a long time coming, something that most anyone else–but not the besotted, blinded fangirl–could see coming months ago.

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  1. DeviceDude says:

    That dumbass Harahan got what he deserved. Thanks Primus the rest of us are above that.


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