“All Signs Point to Yes”

And today in: magic eight ball, are people stupid…?

It seems that Yahoo! is shutting down Yahoo Answers, which doesn’t surprise me. I mean, who’s actually using it now when Google exists? But apparently, some people still do, and a lot of them are saying that Yahoo! is somehow silencing conservative voices.

You can’t make this shit up even if you tried.

Among some of the latest “questions” from Yahoo Answers:
-“Will America survive 4 years of Joe Biden?”
-“Can you point me to another site like yahoo answers where I can post about the truth regarding the left’s degeneracy and ruining of the USA?”
-“Will liberals cry when Trump wins in 2024?”
-“I think George Floyd died from HEALTH ISSUES?”
-“Should Trump buy Yahoo immediately to prevent Answers from being shut down?”
-“Why do I need ID to buy firearm if I do t [sic] need one to vote?”
-“Why does Joe stutter so much like a ret*rd and looks older than the tales from the crypt keeper?”
-“Closing of ‘Yahoo! answers’ means ‘once again we lost freedom of speech’?”
-“Why do Donald Trump and Republicans hate minorities and love white supremacists?”
-“Is Yahoo Answers being shut to silence conservatives?”
-“As Yahoo! Answers prepares to shut down, how will conservatives spin the decision as an attempt to censor only conservatives?”
-“70,000,000 people voted for Trump. They can’t all be stupid, can they?”
-“Do you agree with liberals who say Florida will be under water by 2050?”
-“Will Democrats ever admit that the election was rigged?”
-“Will Trump’s new social media platform host a Q&A so we can keep the dialogue going? And will comments to news stories return?”

If you think that’s bad, there’s this:

What the actual fuck? Really? JFC.

Now, I pretty much knew that Yahoo Answers was garbage; most of the questions were ridiculous and the answers weren’t much better. I also found that my former high school friend decided to answer one question in which a teenager was physically assaulted because he dared talk back to his grandmother. See, he wasn’t assaulted! It was just good old fashioned physical discipline!

I found this shortly after I decided to go NC with her. That just reinforced the decision. For reasons.

Do these people know that Yahoo! is a private company so that doesn’t make this a free speech issue? No, they probably don’t and they wouldn’t believe me if I explained it to them.

Also, the former douchebag in chief couldn’t buy Yahoo! even if he wanted. The stupid asshole is broke. Just saying.

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