A Few Thoughts on Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Warning! Spoilers!)

With F*R*I*E*N*D*S like these…

Prime and I managed to binge the entirety of Masters of the Universe: Revelation a few days ago. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a damn good show and it’s worth a watch.

As you can imagine, I have thoughts about it. So if you haven’t seen it yet–or don’t want to be spoiled–you may want to skip this post for now. For reasons.

Yes, there will be a lot of spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go below the fold. Everyone else? Let’s do this thing!

-Teela’s reaction was absolutely believable. I have been in a very similar situation–my entire family knew the secret except me–and it completely fucked with my head. I lost a lot of trust in a lot of people and it hurt. It still does. So I understand completely why she was so damn angry and had to leave that part of her life behind.

-Also, HOLY SHIT, THEY FUCKING KILLED HE-MAN! Like, for real! Not just him, but Skeletor as well! I couldn’t believe it. That was something I didn’t see coming, so it absolutely stunned me.

-This is definitely more adult in nature. There is some minor swearing and the violence… Trap Jaw took a saw blade to the head. I honestly thought he had died but he did lose an eye. That shook me.

-I was a little bit irritated at Randor. I get that he was upset over the death of Adam, but I can’t help thinking that he lashed out at Duncan because of his own guilt. We see Randor making some pretty disparaging remarks about Adam–To his face, no less!–and his sudden turn on Man-At-Arms felt like he was overcompensating for that. Instead of turning his grief on himself, he used it as a cudgel against Duncan to make himself feel better. Not awesome, my dude, and not the best way for a leader to handle things. Just saying.

-Andra is awesome. Enough said.

-I loved the explanation of Orko’s name. His name is actually “Oracle” but since young children have difficulties with words, it became “Orko” and stuck. Apparently, he’s seen as a disappointment to his own parents and they seemingly made him quite aware of that. My heart ached for him. Also, here’s something that I didn’t know that I needed in my life:


-Those two were absolutely adorable.

-Then, there’s this:

-Episode four absolutely wrecked me. I mean, full-on WRECKED me. I did not simply ugly cry, I hideous cried. Granted, the death in question was Orko’s and he’s been my favorite character since I was a little girl, so it hurt like absolute hell. But he also went out as a goddamned hero and fucking saved his friends, which is probably the way he’d want to go out. But still, that freaking hurts. But that was easily twenty minutes of crying. Oof.

-We get to see Eternia’s heaven and it’s a fairly exclusive place: only heroes are allowed. Most of the prior heroes chose to stay in their “powered up” forms for eternity except for Prince Adam. No, he remained as Adam and that’s saying something. (My guess: he feels overshadowed by He-Man and who can blame him.)

-Episode five pretty much sets things up for the next season and I have all ideas we’ll be seeing more He-Man.

-Upset, but not surprised that Evil-Lyn went back to Skeletor when he finally revealed that he wasn’t actually dead. I can only hope that Teela and the others managed to rub off on her slightly so that she decides to turn on Skeletor later.

-There wasn’t a lot of He-Man, but that’s what makes this so compelling. He-Man ends up being an overpowered weapon that punches the hell out of everything so victory is assured. Not having him there raised the stakes and made things far more interesting.

-Eternia isn’t immune from cults. That’s rather sad.

Bottom line: give this a watch. It’s far better than the original cartoon from the 1980s. Yes, it gets dark and some of the dialogue is a bit clunky at times, but it’s incredibly good. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait for part two.

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