Oh, Balls

Today in “Things I Did Not Need to Fucking Know”: Covid can shrink hamsters’ testicles. Yes, you are reading that correctly and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, COVID?!

Varying doses of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, were intranasally delivered to hamsters—only some of which were vaccinated against the virus. The hamsters were then killed between one and 120 days after infection and their testicles examined.

Okay, you had to infect them like that? And then you had to kill the poor creatures? This can’t get much worse.

…I stand corrected. Holy shit.

What researchers found was an “acute decrease” in sperm count and testosterone levels four to seven days post-infection in unvaccinated hamsters. Meanwhile, “damage” to the testicular tissue—including inflammation, degeneration, and necrosis—was observed as early as a week after infection and persisted in the sample collected on Day 120.

Oh, holy fuck. Yeah, I don’t think I would want to live in that state either. Jeez. Talk about a mercy killing. Fucking yikes!

Testicular size and weight were also found to be reduced after infection. Hamsters that were vaccinated against the virus did not exhibit testicular damage.

Okay, so all that “But the vaccine will make you sterile!!” is pretty much crap. It’s crap. If you get your shot, you can literally save your balls. If you’re a guy and hasn’t gotten the vaccine yet, you might want to as soon as possible. Trust me, it’s not that painful.

Unlike Covid. Which can make a guy’s testicles ache. Among other things. Yeah, just get the shot, guys. If not for your friends and family, then for your two besties that like to hang around you. They’ll thank you. Not with words but in other ways.

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