The Robot Apocalypse Can’t Happen Soon Enough: Idiot Judge Edition

I found this festering pile via the Friendly Atheist. If you haven’t had your fill of judges who are too damned stupid to be on the bench, give this bullshit a read.

“The court had no doubt that Mr. Vallejo is an extraordinarily good man,” Low said just moments before sentencing Keith Vallejo to prison for sexually abusing the two females. “But great men, sometimes do bad things,” Low continued.

Nope, it’s totes not the fault of the rapist! He just couldn’t help himself! It was just an honest mistake! /sarcasm

Why don’t you go ahead and say that the guy fell on top of the victims with his pants open and he “accidentally” put his penis inside them. You know, it just fell in and the whole penetration thing was just a huge coincidence? Because why the hell not? Don’t laugh, as that defense has actually been used.

But of course he was a “good” man. Every abuser looks and seems like a good person; that’s how they gain the trust of their victims. It’s called grooming and it isn’t that hard to understand.

At least a few people get that:

“At the end of the day, we’re still going to tell you that your perpetrator was a good person, they made mistake and somehow it was still your responsibility,” Bitton said.

Because it’s always the fault of the woman, whether she was showing too much ankle or had a drop of “Al-key-hall”. It’s the lady’s fault with her evil ladybits! She done tempted that there good man! But the judge did figure out that maybe he should keep his yap shut at some point in time:

Low did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Color me surprised. Oh wait, I’m not. Because this garbage happens all the damned time. If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go binge a kitten vid or three… thousand. Because my head is utterly full of fuck right now. Catch you later; I’m out.


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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The second season intro from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This one introduced/featured Hawkman.

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Fuzz Therapy

It’s been another shitty week, so we’re turning it to a kitty week! So here’s a cat who meows when its pet human gives it kisses. Enjoy!

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Cyber Self-Care

Last Tuesday, Prime came home and said that all he wanted to do was watch Knight Rider. He’d had his fill of the current round of stupidity and just wanted an escape. His tolerance for “the stupid” is pretty darned high but even he has his limits.

I can’t say that I blame the poor guy. I’ve had my fill too. Which leads me to this post. Continue reading

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I Quit the World. Film At Whenever.

The Grand Nagus did it: he defunded Planned Parenthood.

Screw this. I say that everyone should make a nice contribution to PP, using the Grand Nagus’ name and address*. Because why the hell not. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find a nice, soundproof room and let loose a nice, long primal scream. Catch you guys later.


*If you want to do just that, the address is:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

No, it isn’t doxxing; that address is public record.

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Your Daily Dose of “What?”

Found this via Dispatches From The Culture Wars: according to World Nut Net Daily, god be warning the US with a solar eclipse, yo.

I’m not making this up.

“From a biblical point of view, a solar eclipse is meant as a sign from God,” Biltz told WND. “In Genesis 1:14, God declared this to be so. It is a sign that is beyond man’s control, something he can’t manipulate. Solar eclipses become biblically and prophetically significant and relevant when man understands their timing according to the biblical calendar and where they happen. Then we look for the patterns.

“As the sun is larger than the moon, the sun represents the nations of the world and the moon represents the nation of Israel, as their calendar months are based on the cycle of the moon while the nations of the world follow the sun for their calendar. When there is a total solar eclipse, it is a warning to a specific nation or nations depending on its path.”…

Uh, what? A solar eclipse is when the moon obscures the sun. It’s a neat astronomical phenomenon, but that’s really about it. There’s no deeper, hidden meaning to this. It’s just a neat little thing that happens because of orbits and that sort of thing. It doesn’t mean that god–any god, really–is trying to warn us about anything.

Wanna see some really cool images and learn more about solar eclipses? Head over to Wikipedia.

Biltz argued signs of this kind also occurred during the modern era just before cataclysmic events.

“Now fast-forward to another solar eclipse on August 21, but this time in 1914,” he said. “This is the first day of the month of Elul, which begins the month of repentance in ‘God’s Day Timer.’ The first of Elul is when Jonah began prophesying for 40 days. Just before the eclipse, we see on June 28th, 1914, through the month of August, the events of World War 1 begin! The path of totality of the eclipse was over Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire or Middle East, including Nineveh again. This was foretelling the destruction of the Ottoman Empire in World War I.”

Wait, what? If god was trying to warn anyone about World War I, shouldn’t he scheduled that eclipse a bit earlier? Like before the events of June 28th? Wouldn’t that have made a little more sense?

Or maybe, you know, it was just a coincidence.

Biltz suggests such cataclysms may be in store for the United States, especially given the timing of the event.

“Now, this Aug 21, 2017, we have a total solar eclipse going over the United States,” he noted. “This is again at the beginning the month of repentance on the first of Elul! Could God be giving us a warning that we need to repent or judgment will be coming to the United States? The timing couldn’t be clearer!

So you’re saying that god’s going to judge us. Okay. Haven’t you guys been saying that for a while now? Like in time that can be measured in decades? Yes, I get it: the timing coincides with hurricane season. We’ll probably have at least one that will make landfall on the East Coast. But hurricanes have been making landfall for centuries, whether or not they were preceded by a solar or lunar or whatever eclipse.

Blitz, just enjoy the eclipse. Don’t stare directly at it, don’t try to analyze what’s going on biblically, but enjoy the show. Because that’s really all it is. It’s just a show on a stellar scale. God, prophesy, judgement and all that sort of thing has no bearing in this. Just watch the show and be amazed at the scope of the universe.

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Why the Only Thing Hans Fiene is Owed is a Smack Upside the Head, For Obvious Reasons

Here’s a fresh, steaming pile of shit for us to pick through. I found it while wandering the intertoobz; it seems to be making the rounds, as you can see. Once you read it, you’ll understand as to why. It’s pretty freaking terrible and the author needs to have his ears boxed for thinking like this.

Also, I’m not the type to condone violence but this guy and his antiquated thinking really do deserve a ringing slap upside the head while Cher shouts “Snap out of it!”. Because this guy really needs to snap the hell out of it. Now.

A word of warning: the language involved in this takedown is strong. If you find it offensive, you may not want to go past the jump. With that said, let’s get started, shall we?

Continue reading

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