Heading Home

That’s not a joke, either.

Scamper’s back home and better; the ride back was a lot smoother than the drive to the mechanic’s. Don’t get me wrong, the little guy still needs some repair work, but he’s okay for now.

While Prime and I were out, we saw some snowflakes. Thankfully, they disappeared quickly. Now if only the crap on our sidewalk would vanish, life would be great.

Prime’s been sick for the past few days. He’s not happy about it and neither am I. When he’s miserable, I’m miserable. Because I don’t enjoy watching him suffer through anything.

We’re still dealing with clouds and damp weather; I have to fight the urge to sleep all day. I’d love to see some sunshine; not only would it perk me up, it would help get rid of this damn snow.

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Scamper, Come Home

Nice to know we have so much to look forward to in the future.

The storm might be over, but the weather is still finding ways to screw with us. Our poor car, Scamper, got stuck in a snow drift and started vibrating badly. So Prime took him to our local mechanic and little Scamper’s getting a pair of new front tires, an oil change and a bit of a tune-up. But these might not be the last of the repairs. We may be taking him in later, to take care of some other things.

Prime now has a loaner vehicle; it’s a yellow Pontiac Aztec. I rather like it; it’s nice and roomy and had zero problems getting up our driveway. I hate to say it, but we might want to consider something like that as our next vehicle.

The forecast is calling for more snow. I am hoping that it’s wrong. The ten day forecast I read a couple of days ago said we’d be in the 50s next week. I’d love nothing more than a long spate of warm temperatures. Anything to clear this snow out; I’m sick of it.

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A Little Positive Buzz, Perhaps?

I found this tidbit last night and wanted to share it with everyone because I felt it was somewhat relevant: Martin Short may be voicing a character in the Bumblebee movie. The article itself dates from December of last year and it seems to imply that Short will be voicing an animated character of some stripe. Now, here’s the thing: it is probably not Bumblebee. This is taking place in the same cinematic universe as the previous movies, so Bumblebee isn’t going to be speaking in this. If he does, it’ll be through his radio.

It bears watching to see how this may pan out. But we’ll learn the definite truth in December of this year. Personally, I can hardly wait.


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Can This Be Over Now?

This is the state of my damned driveway. I am neither joking nor exaggerating.

Our driveway is filled with at least two damn feet of snow which we can’t move, because the snowblower threw off the other wheel. I called a cab to get in to work and they never showed. I am frustrated, stir-crazy and I’ve already broken down and cried about this at least once. This is beyond upsetting, because you name it and it has seemingly gone wrong.

I feel tired but restless at the same time. Not a good feeling, I admit.

We have someone coming over to take care of the snowblower. The ten day forecast is showing a warming trend. It is currently above freezing outside. The snow will melt, eventually.

If I can make it through this, I’ll be okay.

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A State of WTF

Not shown: the huge snowflakes swirling around in the freaking wind.

This is supposed to end tomorrow. I’m forced to wonder if it truly will. Prime and I can’t get the hell out of our driveway; the drifts near the front door were up to my knees. That’s not an exaggeration.

We’ve had some winter storms. They weren’t so bad. Now, we are getting absolutely slammed in April. This is insane.

Getting real sick of your shit, Old Man Winter. It’s past time for you to leave.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

One of the many openings to Calliope, which aired on USA Network on Sunday mornings back in the 1980s. I have fond memories of watching Gideon and Henry’s Cat, as those two shows seemed to be my favorites out of the main rotation.

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April Snow Showers

That’s not a joke, either.

I think we’ve gotten more snow in the last two months than we did during the entire winter. As of right now, we’re still getting snow, on top of gusty winds. It’s a full-bore winter storm in the middle of April. This weather sucks.

I feel like hell. Tired, cranky and just frustrated. Part of this is the weather. Part of this is my medication. Part of this is not having a convention. I went through my Twitter feed and started unfollowing users that either hadn’t tweeted in years or I had no reason to follow. One of the accounts I was following? The Transformers Collectors Club.

I couldn’t unfollow. I just couldn’t. Even though the Club is dead and gone, I simply couldn’t unfollow that account. I’m clinging to it, for reasons I can’t explain.

Winter doesn’t want to end, in more ways than one.

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