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Thirty Five Years – Thirty Five Thoughts #9: Much Ado About BotCon

It’s a journal entry that makes me see red every time I read it; on an early summer day in 1997, I wrote about BotCon. I wanted to go that year and had been planning on making it to the … Continue reading

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“i had sex with her.” those were the words you used on that night in october as we sat in your car the street light turning your hair into a smudge your freckles invisible your glasses obscuring your eyes. your … Continue reading

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National Coming Out Day

I’m here, I’m bi, and I’m letting the universe know!

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Letters to Sammy: End of the Road

Dear Sammy, When you were sick, Prime and I loaded you into our car, Scamper, to take you to the vet. You managed to see that car a few times; it was Scamper who gave you your last ride home. … Continue reading

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Drawn That Way

I hated it years ago. I even have posts about it on my previous blog. I heard about¬†this bit of sad news a little while ago from a¬†different source. It’s taken me a few days to truly process this; the … Continue reading

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Letters to Sammy: Hiss and Purrs

Dear Sammy, It’s been a while. Life has been a bit of a blur; it’s August now. It’s almost time to go back to school. Already some of the trees are sporting a few, small patches of yellow. Costco has … Continue reading

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Sacrificial Lambs

It was a normal dinner on that evening in 1996. But it was also one that I can never forget: it was the day when I lost my father. As always, we were watching the national news during dinner. Then … Continue reading

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