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To Reduce the Urge to Scream

Since that last post was depressing as hell, here is a video of two cats roughhousing. Enjoy!

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Please Tell Me This is Parody

I’m linking to Friendly Atheist because I refuse to give this woman any more clicks. I am honestly hoping that this is a parody of some stripe but given her Twitter feed, I’m feeling a bit doubtful. All I can … Continue reading

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Dear Media,

I am sorry but no, Tim Tebow did NOT do anything noteworthy on an airplane flight. When an elderly passenger passed out due to his heart problems, Tebow did not render any assistance. He sat there and prayed. And do … Continue reading

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Life Is Like…

Apparently, we have not one but two cherry trees on our property and they both bore fruit this year. Prime and I managed to pick the ones that we could and left those that we couldn’t reach. We also left … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

Adora had the better ride; who wouldn’t want a winged unicorn?

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So This Happened

It was announced at the 2016 GI Joe convention that JoeCon and the GI Joe Collectors Club will continue until 2018. The news was greeted with a cheer so loud that it could be heard from the panel room and … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even Anymore

We’ve lost Prince, Alan Rickman, Alan Young and so many others–don’t get me started on Orlando!–but now we have to add Anton Yelchin to the list. Fuck this year. Just fuck it. I can’t even deal with this shit anymore.

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