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That’s a Spanking

This Is A Thing That Actually Happened: Akon needs a sex ed lesson, or at the very least, some tutoring in basic biology. Because seriously, WTF? No, really: please explain how you can rub one out, pop it into an … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes Friday: Out With the Old Edition

1) Current mood: 2) This is your weekly reminder that Elon Musk is a raging dipshidiot. 3) Thought for the Week: 4) I have no idea WTF was up with my feed for YouTube Shorts, but holy shit. Most of … Continue reading

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Cold and Ew

On Friday, I started to feel somewhat off; my throat felt scratchy, I felt slightly dizzy, my appetite was suddenly off the charts, and I developed a minor cough. Saturday, I was dealing with a fully blown chest cold so … Continue reading

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Highway to Hell

Before you ask: Yes, I absolutely saw this sign. It’s in Indiana and honestly it needs to be further north, like just outside of Chicago. For reasons. Which I will explain. So how was the first day of the trip? … Continue reading

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Seen At My Local Walmart

Yes, that’s a copy of The Epoch Times , the far-right “newspaper” that spreads QAnon and anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory bullshit, kisses Trump’s ass and that’s put out by the Falun Gong cult. In the same fucking Walmart where I worked. … Continue reading

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Submitted Without Comment

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You’re Serious

Apparently, Rumble is offering Joe Rogan $100 million to leave Spotify and join them. They cannot be serious. But apparently, they are: “Dear Joe, We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. … Continue reading

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To All Giants Fans

Well, that’s not how anyone wanted the season to end. That was terrible. Absolutely terrible. That’s probably one of the most blatantly obvious blown calls I’ve ever seen. At least, since Jim Joyce. That was truly awful. I get it: … Continue reading

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Walmart Level Bullshit

Saturday, I was sanitizing carts when I spotted a family standing near the exit door, watching their purchases. They had two different sets of furniture–one was outdoor and the other wasn’t–along with a full cart of groceries. Everything seemed fine … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader: Vol 3 Issue 29

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse. It’s time once again for your regularly scheduled Weekly Reader! Got some hot links, blog posts, or articles from a local paper you’d like to share? Head over … Continue reading

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